A Tale Of Two Leaders

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When Ivana and company start to pick on her, Elizabeth reaches the moment when she irretrievably blows it, by being -- as she has been before -- unable to rest comfortably with the fact that anyone dislikes anything she's done. She is such a preposterously obsessive pleaser that whenever people put her down, she completely lets it get to her and decides that she must be wrong. So in the single worst decision she'll make all week, Elizabeth concludes -- as she explains it in an interview -- that once again, she has to start over. No! You don't! You're the leader! Tell them they'll just have to live with it! Sigh. Basically, Elizabeth came very close to fixing what her team was doing wrong, and then she let these idiots talk her out of it, losing her one ally on the team in the process.

Meanwhile, Mosaic has a meeting in which Andy plays them the inspirational music he has chosen. He explains how the ad will say, "When was the last time you were fearless?", and then a SWAT team will bust down the door. Kelly and Maria and Sandy all leave, all eye-roll-y, and Maria actually winks condescendingly at Andy as she leaves the editing room. It is so obvious to me that Andy's concept -- leaving aside the question of execution -- is good that I don't understand how they can not get it. I knew from the minute he started explaining it that Andy was on the right track, at least given what Deutsch said he wanted, and I fail to understand how the rest of Mosaic failed to notice, unless they were determined to hate whatever he came up with, for the simple reason that he came up with it. Down the hall, Maria leads a back-room bitchfest, in which she explains that it's so stupid that there isn't more "sex appeal," since the target market is 18-35. Does she truly believe that 18-35-year-olds cannot be marketed to with anything but sex? She is an idiot. If the young demographic you're talking about couldn't be moved by anything above the waist, they wouldn't be very likely to risk their goddamn lives in public service, now would they? Good Lord.

As George pays a visit to Andy and Wes in the editing room, Maria makes a call on the speaker phone to tell Andy -- in front of George, as she probably knows -- that he should know he's taking out all the sex appeal, and he'd better put it back. Andy tells her that there's plenty to excite young people in the ad. He explains in an interview -- spot-on, yet again -- that people don't join the NYPD to get laid. They join the police force "out of a feeling of pride." And, not to put too fine a point on it, because it's a steady job with decent benefits. I mean, sure, there's the odd cop that joins to get laid, but I really don't think they so much want those people, and Maria is just suffering from one of the worst cases of Failure To Get It that I have ever seen. Andy, running short of patience and not fooled by Maria's crap, tells her that he's not filling the ad with guys "straddling a bike with their shirts off." Kelly, showing that he's not nearly the cool operator he seemed like he might be for a while, interviews in solidarity with Maria that there needs to be "more sex in this campaign." He says that Andy, if he doesn't listen and makes this "critical error," will find it raised in the Boardroom. Making me like him some more, Andy nails Maria's phone call -- in a conversation with Wes -- as exactly what it is, an "exit strategy" aimed at placing blame for a possible loss, when they should be trying to work. I'm working hard at putting out of my mind all the reasons I have disliked Andy in the past, because he's having a very good week.

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