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Clay and Arsenio head out to do some editing while Teresa focuses on filming the final commercial scenes. Time is tight, and Aubrey takes this opportunity to badmouth Teresa and Paul for being quasi-useless at the best of times. Meanwhile, Clay and Arsenio take the opportunity to record some voiceovers and zipper sounds for the commercial, and make a ton of dick jokes in the process. The rest of the team comes in, and Aubrey is unimpressed at the amount of work they've done so far. As Team Unanimous races against the clock, Aubrey throws out the last-minute idea that they might not want to use the phrase "old-fashioned" in the commercial, as it is derogatory to the physical coupon books that people probably still use. She suggests changing it to "old-school," which isn't any better at all, but there isn't time to do anything. Clay sees all this as Aubrey's bid to cover her ass. And speaking of ass-covering bids, Teresa is totally ready to throw Clay and Arsenio under the bus for a potentially bad editing job.

Team Unanimous's presentation begins with Teresa telling the execs how difficult it is to find affordable things to do with your family in this economy. And I mean, coming from her that is rich. The commercial is funny, but perhaps a little too dirty for the circumstances, and the term "old-fashioned" does get a reaction from the execs. Aubrey assures us that Teresa might have kumbaya feelings at the moment, but the second that their team loses, Arsenio and Clay will turn on her just as they did Aubrey. In fact, I think they'd actually turn on Aubrey again. Isn't it wild that there are people in the world next to whom Teresa Giudice seems like an enjoyable human being?

Team Forte:
Dayana announces that Penn has to jet off to another show, so will only be around until 4:00. This strikes panic into the heart of Lou Ferrigno for obvious reasons. Lisa is also pissed, and reminds us yet again that Dayana and Lou share one brain cell between them. Penn has to explain to Dayana what an Entertainment book is, which does not bode well. Dayana, with help from the rest of the team, comes up with a concept that involves a couple whose entire relationship is facilitated by coupons. Like, there was a coupon for Sandals Antigua, and so that's where they went on their honeymoon and so forth. They decide to go with actors for the commercial, and of course Ferrigno is mad because he wanted to star in it. As Dayana's love interest nonetheless! What the fuck is his problem? How is it possible that he's still on this show? Dayana assigns him to work on some banners, and he poutily agrees.

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