"Ahab's in Charge, and He's Gone Mad"

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Lights, Camera, Mechanical Dog

Penn and Lisa watch in editing as their futures on the show go down the toilet. They collapse into laughter at suicide jokes because at this point, there's little else to do. Penn predicts that LG will be pissed, but wants it to be clear that he and Lisa kept their promise to Gary as project manager. Gary is convinced the executives will not only get it, but love it. I can not wait to watch them watch the videos.

Team Power presents first, of course, and the executive has a poker face, making Lil Jon nervous. Trace believes they won, but is willing to admit that sometimes Gary is so far out of the box he comes around from the other end and surprises you with something brilliant.

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived: Plan B presents the video to the LG executive and the advisors, Ivanka Trump and Joan Rivers. Admittedly, the Plan B pre-video presentation is better. And the executive seemed to be smiling. The mechanical dog bit doesn't make sense or go over well. If the young actor's line reading of "last time you became a mechanical dog it lasted for two days," had been better, that might have salvaged it. But maybe I'm living in the monkey house, too, at this point. And the LG phone does not keep you from turning into a mechanical dog. Other oddities: Gary making remote control and TV noises, and the amount of time spent talking about what to watch while the camera focuses on the back of everyone's head.

"I have no hope whatsoever of winning this task," Penn says. I look forward to hearing what Joan Rivers will say about it. Kindly, James, the LG executive, says the presentation and brand integration of Gary's video was good. James says the team "missed on some of the other categories," and that he did not understand what the dog had to do with anything. He did not find it funny.

James did not like the presentation of Lil Jon's team as much, and thought Marilu and Penn were standouts overall. Not much is said about Power's video, because it was so clearly superior.

The next mess to worry about is the boardroom. Donald Trump starts off with the good-ish news: LG has decided to donate a full suite of LG smart appliances to everyone's charities. What some of these charities will even do with them is beyond us, but they'll have the most cutting edge technology that is perfect for a home and maybe not a business or charity organization.

Team Power admits they think they did well in the task. Then, Donald Trump has Marilu perform her memory magic trick with Joan and asks her if she could count cards in Vegas for him. He must have just watched Rain Man. Penn tells Donald Trump that they have updated how they do things and there are better ways to cheat now. Donald says it's not cheating, and Penn raises his eyebrows and shuts his mouth. For charity.

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