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Now that makes a certain amount of sense, because if they were charging $25 a head, that's roughly 40 people. I don't think the casting lady could realistically have seen a lot more people than that, so I think that's just revenue. And you'll remember that they paid the casting lady $1000. So they lost money. I seem to recall them asking her to get there at 8:45 in the morning, and so that means they had her for about six hours, so they paid her about $166 an hour for her time, assuming they paid her while she was eating lunch. And even if they kept her busy the entire time -- which we know they didn't -- she'd have to see one person about every eight or nine minutes for this to break even on her time alone. That's assuming they spent zero on the banners and the flyers and the space and the trailer and everything else. In other words, this scheme won, but it sucked, and it lost money, and it was priced to lose money. I understand about judging the task on revenue, so the competition was fair, but having a task win that was this patently anti-profitable is still a little funny for something that's supposed to be a show about business.

Anyway, LoopTrump congratulates the teams for sucking substantially less than last week, and says that their reward will be a trip to Mikimoto, where they have great pearls, apparently, and the team will be sharing a $20,000 shopping spree. Magna, on the other hand, will be coming back to the Boardroom to see someone fired. Oh, and Trump reminds Tana that next week, she's exempt. OR IS SHE? Just kidding. She is. PROBABLY! (I can't stop.) (OR CAN I?)

Later, as the sad, sad metaphorical rain falls outside, Magna discusses inside how the task went. Bren insists that while it didn't go great, he still thinks they did well. Stephanie interviews that she finds it "devastating" to lose continually like this, but that while the team is smart, they lack -- as she says -- "street smarts." You guys, she just accidentally mentioned the theme of the season! What are the odds? Man. Anyway, they all talk enviously about being "blinged out" with pearls, and that, of course, is our cue to follow Net Worth into the pearl store. I really hate rewards, and this one is no exception, so I will be going over it fairly quickly. Pearls are admired; pearls are chosen; girlfriends benefit; boyfriends and husbands generally do not, except for Tana's husband, who gets cufflinks he will never wear. Craig tries on a tiara on his Afro, and that's surely the highlight. No reward has ever been entertaining, with the possibility of Raj being smoked by Anna Kournikova. Down with rewards!

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