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Asked for his opinion, Alex (traveling tragically without cute-boy glasses this week, booooo) says that he thinks Bren did great, and he agrees with Bren that Stephanie's attitude is defeatist and counterproductive, not that he uses either of those words, because they're long. Asked for her opinion (for once), Kendra returns to the topic of Michael not putting in as much effort as he probably should have. Trump points out to Michael that he's tanking with the team -- again. This time, Michael claims that he's his team's "escapegoat," which would be sort of awesome if it were intentional. Trump asks Jill what she thought of Magna's performance, and she singles out the marketing as the weakest part of the team's work. She thinks they needed to find some other places to do marketing other than...whatever they did.

Erin jumps in here and says something I think is slightly different from what she means when she spits out, "Michael has become a Boardroom cliché." I think she means that picking on him has become a Boardroom cliché, but anyway. Trump starts to agree with her, and then he says, "You have some good lines of crap." Oh, come on. Erin's lines are not that much crap, really, compared to much of what's said at these things, including what's said by Trump himself. Erin offers to accept the "backhanded compliment," and Trump insists that isn't what it is -- it's a plain old compliment. Which...not. Erin claims that they all needed to be "street hustlers" in the task, and that Michael lacks the skills and the "fire" to do that. She insists that Michael just didn't and wouldn't do anything to bring in customers. Michael tries to defend himself by saying passing out flyers wasn't his strong suit, and NotCarolyn is kind of confused, since he wasn't exactly trying anything else, and if you're going to pass yourself off as unqualified for a simplistic task, you need to find something else to do with your time.

Aaanyway, Bren chooses to bring Stephanie and Michael to the final table, to no one's surprise. Alex, Erin, and Kendra head upstairs while Stephanie, Michael, and Bren head into the lobby. And as they do, Michael gets all showy about patting Bren on the shoulder and good-jobbing him. Bren tolerates it, but Trump calls Michael out before he can get out of the room, telling him not to bother being so nicey-nice to Bren, who just brought him within inches of being fired. Trump comes right out and accuses Michael -- more than once -- of kissing Bren's ass, actually saying it that way, FCC be damned. Michael tries to smirkingly play it off, but Trump is having none of it. I don't want to say you can already tell what's going to happen, but you sort of can. Finally, Michael leaves, and Trump talks about how much he hates it when the candidates all play like they love each other. Oh, Trump. The things by which you choose to be offended.

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