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Michael rides the down elevator. That's several very meritorious firings in a row, so I feel like I should really give props to Trump. There's a very funny moment back in the Boardroom where Trump asks George if he feels good about that firing, and Trump is all, "Hey, George, if you're not okay, I'm not okay" (hee), and George assures him that Michael will not be missed. So then Trump's like, "[shrug] Okay!" And that's how much they care about Michael. Adios, Parking Lot Boy.

In his taxi interview, Michael predictably complains about all the backstabbers, calls them all "morons and idiots," calls the experience "very unique," complains about the attorneys on the team, praises Net Worth, and then claims to have no hard feelings. Of course not!

Next week: Magna still looks like a bunch of dorks. Somebody lies to Trump. Other than Trump, you know, lying to himself.

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