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Team Clay
They are in the van the next morning going to get ready for the event. Debbie's still angry, but she's sent emails of her portfolio, and Clay's totally cool with it. How hard was that? Really.

Team Arsenio
Arsenio explains how all the separate parties are going to happen with one collective performance space. Adam (who is apparently actually running this team) points out that they should find a way to incorporate Teresa and Paul Sr. so they aren't just twiddling their thumbs while all the stand-up funny business is happening. Turns out that Adam's going to write some lines for them to memorize. Adam talks about how he wants to do some jokes with Arsenio, and how he wants to roast him. And when he stops to take a breath for half a second, Arsenio (who is practically shaking with some combination of nerves and anger) says that they've been through this before, and all he wants is a little bit of what he wants. He asks to meet him halfway but Adam ignores him. Arsenio wants to keep it positive because Clay's going to have a nice message, and he doesn't want the awkwardness of a roast or anything that puts the spotlight on Arsenio and takes away from the purpose. Adam is confused why Arsenio chose him if he didn't want his ideas.

Team Clay
When they get there, things are already underway and the muralist (A.K.A. Debbie's cuz) is there and ready to get painting. Clay tries to greet a worker, but Aubrey comes over and hugs the dude and pushes Clay out of the way. The she-beast claims that Clay told her to do everything, and now he keeps complaining that it is his show and she's excluding him. Then there's another example of her telling someone how to properly paint the wall, even though he wants to be assured they can finish it. Audrey takes credit for him being in the finale. If that's because she interviewed poorly, then yes, she can take credit. He just wants to win money for the charity that he personally set up.

Team Arsenio
There's a lot of white drapery and blue uplighting... and booze. Lots and lots of booze. Paul Sr. and Adam are happy. Teresa loves to throw parties with other people's money (she's been doing it for years), so she's happy to have been put in charge of decorating the room with tacky sparkly chandeliers.

Team Clay
It's one hour until the event. Clay is looking like he's having an aneurysm while staring at the very incomplete mural. So Clay dons a trash bag and starts painting and makes Penn (and Teller) paint as well. He's so nervous, he's sweating through his trashbag.

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