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Back at the Natural History Museum Trump has not been eaten by a dinosaur. Instead, he's introducing the losers who have been reunited for this occasion. It's Victoria Gotti, George Takei, Tia Carrere, Patricia Velasquez, Lou Ferrigno and Dayana Mendoza. (No Cheryl Tiegs or Michael Andretti?) Then we see that Ivanka and Eric are tweeting. Is there anything less exciting than watching people tweet?

After commercial, there's a clip package of Lou, who reminds us that he gave a hundred and ten percent. He had some surgery that helped his hearing, then he shows a check for some money he raised and he gives it to Trump? I'm confused. Is this some sort of tithing to Trump? Dayana is still bitter that Lisa is smarter than her. Victoria says that her tough family helped her not at all here on the show. She wished that she could have played on the guys' team. She also hates Aubrey and Lisa. Patricia is still upset that she didn't raise enough money for her charity and the other team got the money. Trump just tells her to keep up the good work. Nice. Tia didn't like the cliques, but she thinks that the women did themselves in and that's why there are guys in the finale. When Trump gets to George, he honestly just says "Star Trek." But then he talks about him being a gentleman. He said that his polite exit led to people donating money to his charity.

Team Arsenio
Outside there are two lines, one for Arsenio and one for Clay. But the line for Clay is enormous while there are only a handful of people there for Arsenio. All the Claymates came out in force. Meanwhile, Lisa's trying to collect the high rollers who donated ten grand plus, and ... there are none. Arsenio says that all his people are on "colored people time," even his white friends, and haven't shown up yet.

Team Clay
There are only 75 tickets available, so people start offering up dollars. Chris March (from Project Runway) is there... but not ushered right in, as one woman has collected some Claymate donations and has 20 grand to give. Dee is excited about this. Someone brings in ten grand from Kelly Clarkson, and there's another from David Foster. Orel Hershiser has a 20 grand check.

Team Arsenio
Some guy hand delivers a check from Jay Leno... for a measly five grand. Chris Rock also sent five grand. And Eddie Murphy gives a check for "damn" (or ten grand). George Lopez sends some pesos, Jay Leno gave another check (so fine... whatever). There's some dollars from Jimmy Kimmel as well. The comedians came out in force. Marco Andretti brought ten thousand. Do you think they'll run out of M names for that family at some point? Lisa wanted to donate money to Clay's charity, so she hired a drag queen to dress like her and give Clay 10 grand. Clay is totally touched by this. I can see Trump making a big deal of it.

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