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Lesson Nine: You Can't Bulk-Sell Bullshit

Allie returns this serve fucking brilliantly, I admit, saying that she did exactly that, thanks to Andrea's status as a "self-proclaimed graphic designer," who turned in a shoddy product. Ivanka says she shouldn't have been absent from that part of the process, which I don't think is exactly fair pool, because it's boxing Allie in: either she micromanages or she doesn't, but trusting her teammates/employees to be good at the stuff they say they are good at isn't exactly a negative. I don't know; this is a peeve of Ivanka's that I can't entirely sign onto, this "ultimate responsibility" thing, because it's true in theory but it's also something you can whip out on the PM at any time, no matter their level of involvement, and if they do that, you can always jump them from the other direction and accuse them of playing kindergarten teacher. The thought behind it, I agree with, but you have to couch it in better terms to make your point. Ivanka and Junior move on to how they totally let GR poach their shit, that Allie as team leader "conceded" their position once they couldn't compete. Which is very true, and entirely the point. Allie stupidly says that this is because Gold Rush's brochure was "better," and so that even that was Andrea's fault. And I'm not siding with Andrea exactly, but that shit should have gotten Allie fired. You have got to learn how to step back and not see every fact as mixable with every other fact, because it makes it too obvious you're gunning for one particular person, which makes you look weak. Junior points out that Allie has also stated, in her own defense, that she made "substantial changes" to the brochure herself, so she shoulders that burden, and Allie's forced to take the untenable position that though her corrections were "drastic," they couldn't overpower the total nastiness of Andrea's designs. Which is just stupid.

They ask if Tammy can say anything to defend Andrea, and Andrea totally scoffs at the whole idea that anyone but Sean would defend her. Tammy obliges, that Andrea "questioned every decision Allie made." The point is that she wasted time, but since Allie lost the task, Trump goes to the Lee place, which is that this is only a valid complaint if she was wrong. Or -- and we're done here, basically -- she was just generally "difficult to deal with" ("Exceptionally!") disruptive to the team ("Totally!"). In which case he needs to know if she is usually a good leader. They say she does nothing to inspire her team when she's PM, and she objects, and Allie calls her "lucky" to have won as PM. Referring specifically to the GM task, which they only won because Sean and the rest of the team are fun. True. "We won in spite of Andrea." Which is not entirely true, to my mind, but I've already talked about that task. She mentions the 7-11 task as another example of how they ended up having to work harder as an end-run around her, in order to win. Trump asks the team if Allie's the powerhouse salesperson she's suggesting, and Roxanne and Tammy admit that she is. Roxanne tells Trump straight up that she loves Allie, at length, and Trump...marvels at how well-spoken Roxanne is. Oh, man. If I freak out every time he tap-dances at the edge of racism and sexism, I'll never get anything done, though -- and on the other hand, she's very well-spoken, regardless of her characteristics. Especially compared to teammates like Stumbling Sean, Bumblefuck Brent, Suddenly Tammy, Attack Andrea, or Ouija Board Allie.

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