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Lesson Nine: You Can't Bulk-Sell Bullshit

There's inclement weather during this broadcast, so I don't know what the Wisdom is officially called this week, but I gather that it's something to do with drawing a balance between your personal shit and the job you have to do. In Trump's case, business and his family of striking, unmoving faces. In Andrea's case, business, and her family of neuroses. There's some cute, cute footage of Ivanka in Trump's office, telling him that in fact yes, the real world is substantially different from college, and listening to him going on and on and on and loving him very, very much and trying desperately to get away. All of which is just as it should be. Somewhere in that fuzzy old mind, this season and this episode particularly are about showing us what a normal, loving, average family they are...and damned if they don't pull it off somewhat.

Gold Rush is at the graphics place, and Tarek's explaining to the designer how black-and-white photography gives you that olden-days feeling. Even the graphic designer seems to think Tarek's arrogance is somewhat adorable. "The point isn't today," Tarek explains, "but what it was." Later on we'll have to get Tarek to fill us in on that whole "sepia" morass of meaning and implication. Ivanka comes it and watches, and the team explains that they're going to marry their photos to quotes from various places, and that the cover, and possibly inside-cover, can be color ("today"), but the rest must be in monochrome ("what it was"). Lee is like, "Brilliant!" Ivanka interviews that Lee is basically "relying on Tarek to create the vision," which she thinks is a "huge responsibility" and which would have given her pause, as PM, to delegate. Tarek lectures Lee about this and that, and because Lee has no initiative or drive of his own beyond the ongoing marketing scheme about his awesomeness, he's nodding and very excited. As Charmaine puts it: "If somebody walked in, they'd think that Tarek was PM." The reason for this is that...he is, for all intents and purposes. Which is scary in its own right, but at least Tarek's capable of evolving. She tells us that she really wants to win, but will get a little pissed, because she doesn't "want to win under Lee's leadership." It will be "very frustrating" if they win this task and Lee gets "the glory from it." Which would be bad teamsmanship, if she were saying this to someone else on the team. But she's not, she's saying it to us, and different rules apply. This happened with Kristi and Josh last year: they were awful in their interviews about their teammates, and only let it out once each in general company (Kristi with Jenthura and Josh with Markus), but were always known as these terribly negative bastards, and I always found that weird. I think it's a lot healthier, for the person and their team both, to keep that shit in the one-on-ones. Tarek says how much he loves a particular photograph, and then realizes he took it, and giggles at his own bullshitty nature, and it's funny. From inside Tarek's ass, you can hear Lee laughing too.

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