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Busey and Lil Jon buy a bunch of pirate crap, as much as they can. They wanted a giant koala bear, but it's the wrong color and isn't wearing sunglasses. The ladies show up at the same costumer shop and buy the exact koala bear that the guys passed on. Marlee says it was a no-brainer to get the koala bear, since the executives emphasized that. Nene's going to be the one to wear the koala suit. Lil Jon and Busey are done shopping, but unfortunately have to wait about an hour for their prop to come down. Busey sings and blathers and otherwise annoys the crap out of Lil Jon. He says Busey's his kryptonite, and he's had about enough.

Back at the fabricator, the guys are brainstorming a little more when Ivanka shows up. Ivanka thinks Mark is leading well, but Meat Loaf seems to be the idea generator. They do their little pirate chant for Ivanka, who smiles and likes it. Then she shows up at ASAP. La Toya tells her their concept is "Living the gold life," which is their beach theme. Ivanka asks how they're differentiating themselves, since it's a very literal take on the task. La Toya realizes then that they have to add something to this to make it different and exciting.

Mark thinks Lil Jon and Busey did a great job with the pirate costumes and props. He fills them in on what they're doing with the box. Back at ASAP, La Toya checks in on Star's graphics and makes some suggestions: She'd like the background to be gold. La Toya finds it interesting how often they keep losing tasks that Star's so involved in, yet the blame never falls on Star. Then La Toya calls Hope and tells her they're going to have to pick up 125 fifty-pound bags of sand. They wonder how they're going to carry over 6,000 pounds of sand, and Nene thinks they probably could have sprinkled some sand instead of having an entire beach.

Backbone. The guys are sitting and coming up with their marketing strategy, which is Mark's biggest concern since he never knows how any of the guys will behave in the actual experience. They're trying to "weather" a box prop by beating it with chains and a hammer. Busey beats it up, and they all cheer, as Mark interviews that he never knows what Busey's going to do or how he'll interact with the public. At ASAP, the fabricator asks La Toya if she'd like to come and help them now. She shockingly has no experience with manual labor, but she jumps in and helps. When Nene, Marlee, and Hope come back, Marlee's pissed that they have to actually build it, because she didn't know that. Nene's worried because they don't have a plan for the next day. She thinks they might look stupid. Isn't that the norm?

In the van on the morning of the event, La Toya decides she wants to put a beach on only half of the box and to make the other half a winter theme. She says she came up with it this morning, because you also need sunscreen in the snow, for skiing. Hope and Nene are both annoyed, since this means more work today to make it look like a snow theme. Backbone, on the other hand, is sticking with their theme. Mark, Busey, and Meat Loaf stay at the box and prep it, while the Jo(h)ns head out to dress the models. Back with ASAP, the ladies are wondering how they're going to move these fifty bags of sand. La Toya is rushing around doing everything -- carrying stuff, painting plants gold, and more -- to make sure she wins since the girls want her to fail.

Backbone. Mark's worried because they need more manpower, which is when the Jo(h)ns come back with a crew of people dressed like pirates. Mark puts everyone to work. ASAP. La Toya's worrying because it's getting close to time for the task to open. It's a very hodge-podge mess of a beach and a snow scene. Outside, a couple of the ladies are playing beach volleyball. Don shows up, and La Toya tells him this team doesn't work well together. He understands. He interviews their display is a mess, basically, but brand integration is good. Nene takes off her koala head to tell him that they did a bad job, because it wasn't creative, there was no experience. She thinks the guys have to be awful for them to win.

Backbone's starting up with their pirate display. They do their pirate chant, then talk like pirates as they show folks the gold sirens protecting their Australian Gold. Lil Jon wonders where else you can see Meat Loaf, Mark McGrath, Gary Busey, John Rich, and Lil Jon dressed as pirates, "along with some pirate ladies and a three-foot-tall pirate?" He says it's an experience you never forget, and you'll remember their product. Don shows up, and they decide not to make him walk the plank. Don thinks they've done something creative and energetic, with more direction than the ladies' display, but he's not sure it has the message the executives are looking for.

Now that Don's visited and we've seen everything we could possibly see from these weird 10-by-10-foot box displays, the executives show up (because, remember, these episodes have to be bloated into lasting two hours). Steve, Tomisue, and Melinda show up at ASAP first. La Toya explains the concept to them: why she added the snow and the beach. Star says she's sure that they liked the brand integration and messaging, but is less sure about their creativity and originality. She likes that they added something different, though. La Toya says that, even though she was PM, she's been ostracized and she knows what her team's trying to do, but it's not going to work. She's not going away.

Next up, the executives visit Backbone. Meat Loaf greets them with his pirate accent, and they're laughing and enjoying it until Busey comes up and pulls them away while Meat Loaf's talking. Meat Loaf and Mark both interview about how the only thing that could possibly go wrong is going wrong: Busey showing them around the experience. Steve asks Busey if they can walk around and look at the exhibit, and Busey tells him no. The guys come over doing their chant and try to take the executives away, but Busey pushes Mark away and tells him he has something to show them. Mark's worried they'll hold Busey's behavior against the team. Finally, Tomisue talks to Mark and he spins it all very positive and feels that he saved everything. Mark congratulates everyone on his team and tells them how unbelievable that was. I think he means in a good way...

Trump meets with the executives. They tell him they loved the men's jingle and buzz they created outside the box. However, they didn't utilize "Live the Gold Life" or Sydney, the koala bear, which they stressed in their Q&A with the teams. They liked the women's messaging, that they used "Live the Gold Life" and Sydney. But they didn't think they utilized their team very well, since Hope was wearing a jacket and playing volleyball; they thought she'd be front and center drawing in a crowd. They tell Trump this is one of the most difficult decisions they've had to make at Australian Gold, but the winner is...

Boardroom time. Trump asks La Toya how her team did. She says she hopes they did extremely well. He asks Nene, who thinks they did okay, because La Toya was just okay as the project manager. She says La Toya never really nailed down a concept, but she hopes they won. He asks if she's a big fan of La Toya and the job she did. La Toya says Nene isn't a fan of hers, because "That's just Nene." La Toya says actions speak louder than words to her, and she doesn't like Nene's actions. Ivanka reminds Nene that she has been verbal about La Toya's inadequacies, and Don agrees. Nene asks if they're talking business or personal. Trump says he's surprised because she's done really, really well. Nene has the nerve to tell Trump, "I don't think you know everything" that's happened. He asks her to tell him and says the executives thought she did really well. Nene says she can tell him that her team probably doesn't agree. Why do I love her so? Trump asks Marlee, who says La Toya couldn't be any sweeter as a person, but has a different energy and style as a leader. She says the previous leaders had more emphasis on organization and agenda. La Toya disagrees and says Marlee has no right to say that, since she wasn't around her. Nene says they all have a right to speak their opinions, and La Toya agrees.

Trump moves on to Hope and asks why she wasn't used in a swimsuit since she is the Playmate of the Year. La Toya says they were so rushed to get everything done and needed Hope to help with that. Hope says she only needed to be a model for one day. Star says that they had some good models, but they didn't hold a candle to Hope. La Toya says she would have loved to see Hope that way, and Trump reminds her she's the project manager and got to make that decision. Hope says it was cold, but she was willing to get in a bathing suit and be painted gold for the task, because that's what you do.

Trump asks Mark if he would have used Hope if he'd had her on his team. He says that would have a been a slam-dunk and is already imagining the flier he'd have made. All the guys are shaking their heads, baffled. Trump asks Mark what's on his wrist, and Mark looks all nervous and says, "You got me. That is a tattoo." Everyone laughs. Trump asks if Mark likes it, and Mark says that in the same way a Brooks Brothers suit is common in Trump's job, tattoos are in the rock genre. Trump: "It's too bad. It's too bad." Where is he from? 1930? Trump asks Busey if he thinks they won. Busey says he has a feeling they did a good job, and they took a risk. Trump asks what the theme was, and Busey says it was pirates. When Trump asks why, Mark says that they were going with Australian Gold being the treasure or booty. He says the beach theme is very common, so they went for an original take. Meat Loaf says he has no idea how they did, but he says part of the criteria was outside of the box, and they were packed with people when the executives came.

Mark says that they used the word "treasure" in their Q&A, so th

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