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ey had that to back up this decision. Trump asks if they didn't tell them they've never used a pirate theme, though. Ivanka says this has been a theme all season: The guys take risks and go a little out there, while the women play it safe. She asks if they'd be surprised if there was a loss since they weren't quite as literal as them. Mark says they're kind of radical guys and they like to think outside the box. He says they're all really good at that, and will live and die by that edge. Trump asks Mark how important it is for him to win tonight. Mark says it's hugely important, since he probably won't be here if he doesn't win. Trump asks what that means, and Mark says he'd have to take full responsibility for this task. Trump says that's a big statement, then asks Rich how he feels. Rich says it was a blast, and everyone was having a lot of fun with it. Lil Jon says they made people's day with their experience. "We were frickin' pirates, and they loved that." Trump asks whose idea it was to write the chant; it was John Rich. Trump tells him he's doing very well.

Ivanka says that there are a lot of creative men on the team, and asks who is the most creative. Mark says it's almost a four-way tie for first (I'm assuming he's not including himself? Or is he leaving Busey out?), but he'll say Meat Loaf and John Rich are tied for first, since they're two of the most creative guys ever. Lil Jon nods in agreement. Mark says Lil Jon's also very creative and Busey has nuggets that you have to pick and choose, but when they come they're brilliant. Trump asks Busey if that's a compliment, and he says, without hesitation, that it is. Trump agrees. Don asks whose idea it was not to go with the koala. Lil Jon says if you look at their koala, it's a certain color and they couldn't find one that color available to buy. They didn't want to offend the client by misrepresenting their logo. They get to look at photos of each other's boxes and literature. Mark says he thinks the ladies did a good job; it's simple, but not close to theirs. La Toya thinks they're close, but her team emphasized the product more. Marlee says pirates don't have anything to do with tanning lotion or Australia.

Trump asks Don what the executives thought of the women's team: They liked the messaging and the dual-sport (winter/summer) theme that La Toya came up with. They liked the inclusion of Sydney the mascot, and they liked the motto. They didn't like the public interaction, which wasn't as engaging, and they didn't like that they underutilized the team's talents by not putting Hope in a bathing suit and by covering Nene up with a koala suit. Ivanka says the executives loved the men's interaction with the crowd, and thought they did a great job with the product and educating consumers about it. They also liked the pirate chant. They didn't like the pirate theme, though it was well-executed, since it wasn't consistent with their brand messaging, and they didn't like that Sydney the koala wasn't included. They also didn't like that Busey offered himself as a potential representative for their brand messaging during the presentation, since it wasn't an appropriate time. Trump says the executives really liked both teams. They thought the men did a wonderful job, but the ladies win. La Toya's charity is getting $40,000. Trump tells Nene she can go apologize, but Nene shakes her head no. Trump sends the ladies to safety in the suite and tells the men to stay put; someone will be fired.

In the suite, Nene tells La Toya she doesn't appreciate her trying to use her name in a negative way, since she's never said she doesn't like La Toya. She says this isn't personal; it's business. She wants La Toya to say that she's real, because that's what she is. If La Toya doesn't like it, she can go run in the bathroom and hide. "Go and hide! Go and hide!" La Toya tells her she doesn't need to yell, then she interviews that Nene's a big bully, who is all mouth and height. Nene keeps yelling at her, calling her Casper the ghost and telling her to "Be gone!" The other women's mouths are literally agape. La Toya interviews that she and Nene are cut from two different cloths and she refuses to stoop to her level. Nene tells La Toya her last name is the only reason she's gotten anything, and she needs to act her age, not 12. "You are an old lady!" Star says she'd like to watch the men self-destruct, please. They quiet down, but it's obviously awkward.

Trump tells the men it's never easy for him to fire people he respects, and he respects everyone in this room. He asks Mark if he still thinks he should be fired, and Mark says he wishes he didn't have to say it, but if they didn't like the pirate theme, that's on him. Trump reminds him that they also didn't like Busey pitching himself to the executives, and Meat Loaf says he disagrees 100 percent with Mark. He says their project manager is always the leader in the presentation, but Busey took over here and took them away and even shoved Mark away. Busey says he didn't shove anyone away, and Meat Loaf says he doesn't even realize what he does. Meat Loaf tells Trump that they create tasks for Gary to keep him busy and out of the way. Meat Loaf says that Busey forced the executives off with him, and Busey says he didn't force anyone. Trump asks if it's really so bad if Busey was talking about the product. Ivanka says it wasn't just the product, since he also pitched himself as being a spokesperson for the project. Ivanka asks if Meat Loaf is upset because he could lose a strong player, but Meat Loaf says he was really worried about Busey's behavior. Trump asks Meat Loaf if he's saying Busey's a liability, and Meat Loaf says "Big time."

Busey defends himself, and Lil Jon says he'll tell them what he saw: Busey took the executives and practically handcuffed them to him. Busey tries to interrupt and Lil Jon tells him to shut up. Don says he's been in one of those "ear locks" with Busey, too, and he's very passionate about what he's doing but the executives said one of their negatives was that he pitched them to be a spokesperson. Busey says he didn't pitch them. Ivanka says she doesn't think him pitching was the reason they lost, but it's interesting to her that the whole team thinks he's a liability going forward. Busey says it's been this way since they began. Back in the suite, Star says she thinks Gary has moments of rationality, only in the boardroom. They all agree he's focused when he needs to be, and they don't think he's going home. Trump asks Rich how he feels, and he says he used to give Busey the benefit of the doubt about his crazy behavior, thinking it's just who he is, but after the boardroom last week -- when Trump asked Busey if he thinks he's a deceptive player and Busey said he gets a kick out of keeping people off-balance -- he now thinks Busey knows exactly what he's doing. He says Busey's very focused in the boardroom, but is nearly impossible to wrangle outside of here.

Trump asks what about Mark, as project manager, wanting to quit. The whole team says he doesn't want to quit, and Mark says there's zero quit in him, but if they lost solely on concept, he's ready to take responsibility. Trump asks if he's changing his tone now, and Don says he told him the same thing when he visited: that he can't really blame anyone else. Mark says if they lost solely on concept, it's on him. Don asks why he didn't bring up the Busey thing, and Mark says that's an obvious issue. Don says he didn't tell him about the issues when he visited. Mark says he just think it's an obvious issue at this point, since Busey's someone they have to work around. Busey says they want to work around him, and Meat Loaf says they don't want to; they're forced to. Meat Loaf brings up Busey saying something disturbing to Tomisue when they met them initially, and Busey says he didn't. But the whole team says he did, so Don asks what he said. Meat Loaf says it was something about how this makes him really sexual. Busey says he did not say that, and Mark says they're not lying, and asks Busey why in the world they would make this up. Trump asks Mark who he'll bring back, and Mark says he can only bring one person back. Star says she wants to see if Mark has skills. Mark and Busey sit in the lobby and Busey still denies doing those things. Mark asks if he thinks they're making stuff up to get him. Busey says he does think that. They continue to bicker into commercial.

Trump asks Don and Ivanka, who both think that typically the answer would be Mark, for concept and being the PM, but they both think Busey's the weak link here. NOW, if Trump fires Mark and the Trumplets agree it was the right choice, I'm going to throw things. Mark and Busey continue their bickering until Amanda tells them to head back into the boardroom. Trump glares at them, and then asks Busey if he said something on the terrible side to Tomisue. Busey denies it, so Don says they all seem like pretty forthcoming guys. Busey says John Rich wasn't around (which makes me think that Busey thinks they're saying he said something inappropriate during the experience, when they mean earlier in the Q&A; he really is never lucid, is he?). Mark shrugs to Don, "He doesn't even know what you're talking about." Ivanka wonders what the team misinterpreted to think that he said it makes him feel sexual. He goes on and on about it making him feel good about himself. Don wonders what that has to do with his sexuality, and Busey says he didn't say that. Mark disagrees, so Busey says he wasn't even there. Mark tells Busey he doesn't even know when they're talking about, because it was the executive meeting, and he was there. Busey still denies saying it, and Trump asks him again. Busey says he didn't say it, and Mark says he doesn't even know where they're talking about, which is what they deal with all day long.

Trump moves on to Mark. He reminds him he was very strong in the fact that he should go; he took responsibility. Trump asks Mark if he still thinks he should go, now that people ganged up on Busey. Mark says yes, if it's purely based on concept, because he came up with that. Trump says the theme was the primary reason they lost, and Mark says Trump probably doesn't have a choice then. Trump says that's his problem, because they didn't like the p

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