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irate theme. Don asks if Busey pulling the executives off to the side made a bad first impression on the executives and maybe turned them off of the theme. Ooh, Don's sort of taking a side here, isn't he? I like it. Mark does think that happened, and he explains Busey's three strikes here: A. [sic] He didn't bring the executives to Mark. B. He didn't integrate Mark in once he went over to them. C. He pushed Mark away. Busey denies that too. Mark says this is what they always get, and Trump says that Busey's a different kind of a guy. Mark says he is, too, but he can still work in a small group situation. Busey says he can too. Mark says Busey's unconvention [sic] is what they love, but what they hate in the small group.

Trump asks Busey why he should keep him and fire Mark, who's an impressive guy in so many ways other than he was the leader and came up with a "lousy theme." I wouldn't say it was "lousy." I mean, really, they asked for creativity and then are judging the guys based on them coming up with something... oh, I don't know... original for their product. Seems a little contradictory, doesn't it? Busey says he's a good force of nature, and Trump says a lot of these guys are. Don asks why the recurring theme is that they come after him, and Busey wonders why. He says he's going 100 percent and hasn't failed. Don asks if they're going after him because he's the strongest player, and Busey says, "Maybe." Trump says he doesn't think Busey's the strongest player at all, but Mark was so willing to leave. Now, all of a sudden, he's fighting Busey. But doesn't Mark think he has to go by what he said awhile ago. Trump says that Mark's project manager and picked the theme, which they didn't like, so Mark is fired. Trump tells Busey he better shape up, and watch his hands and his mouth and all that crap. He says they can't all be wrong. Busey nods and leaves. Trump says Mark's a good man, but it was his theme and he was project manager. Ivanka tells him he did the right thing (liar!), but it wasn't easy. Don nods, but I like to think that was editing and he really didn't agree at that moment. Because he was very clearly pro-Mark.

Taxicab confession: Mark says it was his concept and he couldn't send Lil Jon or John Rich or Meat Loaf home, so Busey was the only logical person to bring back to the boardroom. Mark says he's not a martyr, but who else could he point a finger at when the concept is the reason they lost.

Next week: Busey's project manager again. He impersonates a cat. Lil Jon begs Ivanka to save him: "Take me with you." The ladies are still annoyed by La Toya's baby-talking. In the boardroom, Lil Jon tells Trump that "Gary is not always here on Earth with us." In other words: More of the same. Wouldn't it be nice if Gary or La Toya had gone home so we could get a little shake-up in what's going to happen each week?

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, went from amused by to tired of Busey in one week. You can contact her at

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