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Lesson Seven: If You Can't Say Anything Well…

Okay, now you're dead. Who do you blame?

A) The tight-ass Jew train.
B) The ass-obsessed gay train.
C) The guy who willfully and pissily obstructed and sabotaged the railroad-building team throughout, from drafting the railroad, to cutting the timber, to carting the timber, to laying the tracks, to wiring the warning system, and brought this situation about where there was no real plan, and all the other trains spend the entire time trying to think of what they're going to do next, because there's no agenda whatsoever, because that part got short shrift due to somebody having to change his diaper and burp him every three hours?

You're right, it's a wash. That was a trick question.

There's crazy hardcore Markus music like he's in the Matrix, which no doubt he thinks he is, sitting on the balcony with his headphones in and interviewing, "I got nothing to say to anybody. I came into this game alone, we're getting into the short strokes now, and I'm ready to let the chips fall where they may." Mixed metaphor aside, you have to wonder if there's a moment in his life where he's not thinking that exact same "I came into this life alone" crap. "If anyone wants to pretend that I'm somehow of a liability, and not to look at some of the things that Clay said in that room, it's crazy! I mean absolutely nuts!" Considering he's the only person to step up and tell Clay he did okay, I find this interesting. Now that they've lost and the scapegoating is getting nitty-gritty, Markus has changed his mind about a few things. But who else is he going to blame, honestly?

Into the Boardroom again! Everybody looks scared and pissed, and Trump looks particularly toolish for some reason. Trump asks Adam, given that the class was called Sex At Work, "what went wrong?" He thinks it sounds like a "pretty good thing to choose," because "Sex is always very good, right?" Because Adam is so focused on his integrity and deep unease with sexuality, he feels the need to pipe up that he doesn't necessarily think that "sex is always very good," but that "this course was a great course." He gets kind of Rebecca around the face when he says stuff like this. Trump wonders why he lost, then, and Adam correctly states that it came down to the presentation. (Which is true, but also...was the task, so how could it not be the presentation? Preparation, delivery, content, these are all parts of the presentation, and they were all fucked up, too, actually.)

Who made the presentation bad? Clay. Clay is shocked, shocked by this assertion, but then, he doesn't have access to the Alla/Adam plans, nor does he have the full info on what he said wrong. Still. I'm sure he has gotten mostly there by this point. "Some comments that were made were very offensive, and there was one in particular that I know offended many of the audience members," all of which is within the realm of possibility. "He called me a tight-ass Jew in front of the audience."

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