Backs Against The Wal-Mart

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Lesson Twelve: Use Your Words

Realizing Bill's about to send them all off on yet another semantic goose chase, Ivanka gets us on track with a quickness. "Allie's saying nothing. Nobody has said you did anything wrong -- or right." They ask whom Allie finds most talented, and Trump laughs because of course she's going to say Roxanne, and Bill laughs because Trump laughs. Allie is smarter than that: "Both, but I think Roxanne has more talent. I'm friends with both women." Roxanne says that she's the target because she wasn't a yes man, and Bill jumps into the obvious opening face-first: "Are you saying Allie's a yes woman?" Could you tell me what, beyond shit-stirring, that question's supposed to illuminate? What possible answer to that question could make the decision about who to fire easier? Honestly. Say yes, Allie will answer intelligently. Say no, and you're off on another tangent, thanks yet the fuck again to Bill. Don't answer, and you're evasive and showing favoritism. Nothing material at all. Shut up, Bill. And also: Bill Rancic is going to fucking throw stones in the Yes-Man house? I don't think so. Roxanne says that Allie is diplomatic, and Bill is like, "Yes or no!" because he thinks he's Carolyn. Except that when Carolyn does it, she's asking questions with answers that signify.

Roxanne admits that Allie is more of a "yes woman" than she is, and Bill sits back, satisfied about stuff that has nothing to do with the task at hand. You've really fucking earned your paycheck this week, buddy. Tammy blurts that Roxanne has been riding Allie's coattails, and Roxanne yelps, "Oh my gosh -- that's remarkable," in a kind of Andrea way. Then Allie sighs and gets bored as they scream and call each other liars and immature and this and that. Finally T-Bag screams at both of them to stop, loud, and they look sad. "Givin' me a headache," he says. They talk about the actual facts, that they teamed up on Tammy but also got no leadership, and comparing win/loss records, T-Bag says that Tammy seems to be in over her head. She makes a sick face and gets all "Mr. Trump, though" about how "nobody executed." He tells her that as PM, your entire job is to make them execute, and that she had no control, and that nobody respects her. Roxanne chimes in that being "dismissed" so immediately gave her little reason to respect Tammy, but that was hard because her goal was for Synergy to be the Final Three. "So what happened?" It was all about Tammy, she dismissed everything her team said. Which again: was nothing, from what we saw.

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