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We return to the suite, where out on the balcony, Stacy is insisting that she was right about the pictures, and even though Apex made money with the doggie rubdowns, she's still glad she didn't think of that stupid, undignified, totally moneymaking idea. Wes interviews that Stacy can't win in the end, partly because no one has any confidence in her, so she can't lead. Meanwhile, he tells Stacy that he won't shit-talk her in the Boardroom if she doesn't shit-talk him. "It's easy to point the finger at the project manager," he says. As, you know, she would know, since she always does it. At least the "pointing" part, if not the "project manager" part.

"Wes failed as a project manager," Stacy says knowingly in an interview. "He made some very wrong decisions [I don't know if that needs a sic, but it certainly needs a 'nice clunky-ass construction'] with regard to this particular task that cost us our victory. And he's going to be fired tonight." Wait, did you say we're having hummus as an appetizer, or hubris? Don't get me wrong -- they're both delicious.

That night, the elevator doors open, and Mosaic heads into the Boardroom. Trump joins them, along with Carolyn, and Allen. Trump reminds Maria -- who is wearing a pancake on her lapel or something -- that she is immune as a result of being last week's winning PM. Jesus, that flower on her shirt is like ten inches across. What is she thinking? Trump asks her what her exempt opinion is about what went wrong on the task. She blames Wes and the lack of "leadership." Trump asks Kelly how he felt about his leader. Kelly says Wes was "a little slow in some decision-making." Again, Kelly brings up the spike in activity around lunch, and the fact that they didn't get out there for it. Carolyn asks Kelly how many dogs he washed in his first two hours, and he says he thinks it was around eight. "It was four," Carolyn says, and then she hands off to Allen, who asks Sandy what her role was. For once, she has a real answer, since she washed the actual dogs. Trump returns to Kelly and his stretcher about washing eight dogs, and this is when he drags out the fact that he haaaates people who exaggerate, as we saw in the previews. Sandy says that they had some problems with low levels of foot traffic, and she also thinks they didn't charge enough. Wes now says that he wanted to try another location, but they couldn't. And why? Because, as you will recall, and as Wes wants to make sure he brings up, Andy lost the phone. Trump turns to Andy and rips into him a bit, calling him "a disaster," which seems excessive to me. Andy thinks it's excessive, too, saying that he contributed to the task, and was out hustling business for the team the whole time. Wes returns to the theme Trump didn't buy last week from John, claiming that Andy needs to be checked up on constantly. Andy brags about bringing in the charity all by himself, and Trump spits, "But that's a cat charity." He adds, "The last thing that dogs want to know is that they're helping cats." That comment is supposed to be funny, but it comes out so stupid that it's funny in a totally different way from the way Trump intended it.

Allen asks Wes if perhaps they should have tried offering some other services. Trump expresses some shock that there's such a thing as doggie massage, but Allen assures him that there is. Trump then turns to Stacy and asks her if she thinks she should take any responsibility at all for the loss. "No," she says flatly. Asked whom she would fire, Stacy chooses Andy, hoping that in return, Wes will not bring her to the final table. But she claims that her reason is that while Andy has "strong points," Wes has even more of them. Suck-up. Asked whom he would fire, Andy names Wes, presumably for poor leadership. Wes now chooses to bring Stacy and Andy to the final table, partly on the theory that Stacy and Kelly did all the work washing the actual dogs, and he can't bring Maria, so there you go. Sandy, Kelly, and Maria go up; Stacy, Andy, and Wes wait outside.

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