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For a small person, she was very annoying

As the prospective bootees wait, Carolyn opines that Stacy did nothing, Andy is a spaz, and Wes is clueless. But she says it a little nicer. And yet meaner. I covet that skill. Anyway, Allen is very concerned about Andy losing the phone, drawing an analogy to an army guy losing a whole battalion because he lost his line of communication. Somehow, I suspect in a war situation, rather than a taxi situation, Andy might have done better holding onto the phone, you know? Allen also agrees, though, that Stacy doesn't do anything. I think that is the worst-kept secret in show business. "I don't know what she did besides debate everyone," he adds stiffly. Trump has Robin bring the folks back in.

Trump asks Wes why he brought Stacy, and he basically says -- sing it if you know the words, kids -- that she doesn't do anything, and she wasted their time with the dumb doggie-outfit idea. Wes explains that the outfits would not have worked, and says that she asks a lot of questions to which she should already have known the answers. When Stacy jumps in and insists that her idea was really good, Carolyn asks her whether she's a bad salesperson, and whether that's why Wes didn't take her idea to heart. "No! Wes vacillated," Stacy says. Carolyn points out that they're seven tasks in, and she's still trying to figure out what Stacy is "bringing to the table." Stacy's like, "Lots!" and Trump's like, "What?" And she sort of...doesn't know. She insists that she "promoted," but Carolyn points out that she actually saw that part going on, and she saw Stacy standing around by the table while Maria was handing out biscuits. Carolyn basically wants to know, if she has so many great ideas, why none of them ever happen. "That was Wes's decision," Stacy says, trying to deflect the whole thing over to someone else, as usual.

Andy is asked about Stacy and her ideas, and he says that some of her ideas seem good, but they don't come to fruition. "Isn't that Wes's fault?" Stacy asks in exactly the wrong sarcastic "gee, maybe it's just me" tone. Trump tells her that sometimes, you have to sell your ideas, rather than just waiting around for someone to take you seriously. Stacy tries to insist that she ran into problems on this particular task, but no amount of fondling her notes will help, as Carolyn plainly points out that it's been every task that Stacy, in fact, doesn't do anything. Allen repeats that she has to get in there and fight for her ideas.

Trump tells Wes that frankly, he thinks Wes sucked at leading. He also is very unhappy with Andy for losing the phone. However, what he really can't stand is how "Stacy keeps going on about responsibility, how it's never your fault." She starts to jump in about how she would be happy to be PM, but that's just not going to work. That was okay for Nick, but that was Episode 4. This is Episode 7, which makes a huge difference, because by now, Stacy is officially dodging the PM job, so this won't work at all, ever. Carolyn points out essentially this; Trump adds that Stacy could have stepped up to lead, and in fact could have done so even when she's not the PM. (See last year's examples of Boyfriend Bill and Amy for people who had a tendency to take big roles, even when not the official PM.) Trump tells her that all she ever does is blame the PM when she doesn't contribute anything. "I think he [Wes] did a lousy job, and I think he [Andy] made a terrible mistake. But Stacy, you're fired."

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