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For a small person, she was very annoying

More pleased with herself than ever, Stacy interviews in that little-girl cadence where your voice draws up at the end of every sentence: "The men think that I am extremely vocal and opinionated? And I ask a lot of questions? And they are absolutely a hundred percent correct!" She grins at her own wit and brilliance. She's so proud of how obnoxious she is, it's almost a little embarrassing to watch, especially in retrospect. It's really, really embarrassing if you watch the clip about ten times in a row, using the eight-second replay on your TiVo. So, you know, don't do that. I mean, I...I totally didn't. Anyway, we cut back to the Mosaic meeting, where she is unleashing a barrage of boring questions about how the guys like to operate. Questions that are (1) not that interesting; and (2) not really her problem. Wes is the PM. If he's got an operational style, I'm sure he'll share it with her. She could even try to intuit it from, you know, his style of operating, although I realize that would be a pretty advanced maneuver for someone who hasn't figured out yet how not to dress to make herself appear even shorter. "Stacy can't shut up!" Wes marvels in an interview. He admits that he talks a lot himself, but makes clear that she puts him to shame. He explains that her incessant question-asking makes a big morass out of everything when the team is trying to work, basically. As we fade away from Mosaic, Stacy is...well, she's still talking.

Over at Apex, Jen is asking the guys to tell her about strengths and weaknesses -- not only their own, but each other's. Kevin says that Raj has a lot of "charisma" and energy, but that he can "be long-winded when [they] don't need him to be." Man, this is a hard night for the big talkers. Big talkers get such an unfair bad reputation. Anyway, Raj looks a little wounded, but not surprised, by Kevin's remark. Jen teases Raj that she'll be "stifling" him, so it won't be a problem. In an interview, Raj, who is currently making a note in his head to run to the nearest dictionary and scour it for dirty meanings of the word "stifle," horndogs that he think Jennifer is "analytical" and "calculating," and, of course, she's hot. He considers this a dangerous combination. One could argue that his writing off of the ugly girls as less dangerous would, by definition, make them more dangerous, but I don't think Raj's opinions of women will be taking that particular detour through the ironies of modern gender politics.

Night becomes day. The phone rings, and it is answered, as always, by a guy -- in this case, Wes. I have to say, after shirtless Kevin, everything else is a real letdown. Rhona says that Trump will meet them in Central Park at 8:00 AM. Is that a set of directions? "Meet me at Central Park"? That's like, "Meet me for lunch. I'll be in Wyoming." But indeed, to Central Park we go. The candidates stroll up, many of them in their casual weekender outfits from the These Rumples Cost More Than A Tux Collection, unlike Trump, who is in a suit, as always. He says that the pet industry is another yooge part of the economy, and that people in New York just love their dogs. The task this week is to create "a dog service business." He tells them that as long as they work with dogs, they can do anything they want. At the end of the day, the team with the most profit wins. And George is away this week, so we have Trump's CFO, Allen -- who Trump promises that Allen is tougher than George. Tougher, perhaps, but not first in our hearts. Come home, Grandpa George! We love you, and Grandma Donald isn't married again yet. All we want is for you to stop fighting.

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