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For a small person, she was very annoying

Anyway, Trump reminds Maria of the painful fact that she's not eligible to be booted this week. Well, painful for me, not her. She probably has the luxury of being legitimately glad she's staying, because she doesn't have to watch herself on TV. Oh, and whichever team loses has to go to the Boardroom, and somebody will be fired. Remember that? It's kind of the hook. As Trump leaves, Stacy voices over that she's "not really a huge dog person." (I actually think she is a huge dog person. Or a small pony. Oh, that's not what you meant? Okay, never mind.) She insists that she isn't refusing to do anything on the task; she's just saying it's not her favorite thing. I believe her, of course. Because it's not like she's a huge shirker to the point where it's become totally distracting.

This week's Trump motto: "Sell Your Ideas." (Unspoken additional phrase: "To Me, For A Pittance, So That I Can Market Them Under My Name And Rob Your Children Of Their Rightful Inheritance.") We watch him look at a building and complain about something that's not to his liking, and then he interviews that when you have what you think is a good idea, you have to just keep going. Never mind, you know, your bank, your investment advisors, the SEC...these people are small thinkers. "Some of the greatest ideas were ideas that nobody wanted," he says. That is so true. Like Microsoft. And David Ortiz. SHUT UP. Oh, come on. Like you knew he was going to be the ALCS MVP someday.

Anyway, now, we watch assorted Central Park dog footage as Apex gets underway. Jen starts to explain the task, and Chris reminds us who's on their team. Chris isn't insecure at all, but he does feel obligated to point out that the rest of the people have better educations than he does, but he makes more money. He's just saying. Jen tells the team that they're going to go to "a place that's bringing in a lot of foot traffic," and they're all going to work together. Because you know what's worth a lot more than two people washing your dog? Six people washing your dog. Seriously, can you even get twelve hands on the kinds of dogs people have now? The little yippy terriers and such? You get more than two people washing a dog like that and it's going to feel really violated. Anyway, Jen sends Raj and Chris and the Space Communicator to "scour the area for a pet supplier store." They make their way to a Petco, so I guess that's the corporate sponsor of the week. There, they buy dog shampoo, biscuits, brushes, and assorted other goodies. As Chris explains it, they then made their way back to Central Park and "started wawshin' dwoggs."

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