Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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For a small person, she was very annoying

We cut to a couple of teeny dogs wrestling, which would be a much funnier edit if Wes were short. And back at Apex, Jen and Kevin have decided to take on the very challenging world of clipping dogs' toenails. As Jen explains, they were just looking for something else they could do to earn money. But as she and Kevin find, clipping dogs' nails is actually quite an art, and you don't just jump into it. Kevin interviews that he was uneasy about this, because you can really hurt a dog if you don't know what you're doing. Which is true. Kevin comforts the dog they're trying to clip. He explains to us that he was on dog-holding duty while Jen did the actual clipping. In fact, he is quite proud of the "sleeper hold" he put on one particular dog. Heh. In the end, though, Kevin feels like the whole team contributed to the task.

Over at Mosaic, dogs are being washed. One manages to escape his bath and roll around in the dirt and the grass, and while they seem to see his bath as a failure, the dog actually looks rather blissful. I think it's a job well done. Carolyn is watching over them, and she tells us they're doing all right. Kelly and Sandy are washing the dogs, Maria is "looking provocative" (snerk) to get people's attention -- indeed, she is wearing shoes in Central Park that would make you roll your eyes even if you saw them at a club -- and Andy "is chasing people down like a lawyer in an ambulance." Uh, not quite, there, Carolyn -- the lawyer chases the ambulance; the lawyer doesn't drive the ambulance. We have many powers, but they don't let us have sirens. Carolyn goes on, "And Stacy is, um...I haven't figured out what Stacy's doing yet." Indeed, Stacy appears to be continuing to tear it up as the Executive Vice-President For Pretty Much Scratching Her Ass And Yawning. Kelly, on the other hand, entertains an old lady by wiggling her dog. Hey, I'm just the messenger.

Sandy, meanwhile, is actually working fairly hard washing the dogs, having a much dirtier day than she usually pulls at the bridal salon. She tells us that she was fairly pissed that the totally unoccupied Stacy didn't at least bring her a cold drink. Not only that, but apparently, when they were all done, Stacy complained that she was "filthy." Covered with detritus from the outsides of a few dozen people's dogs, Sandy was unamused by this, as you can imagine. Wes informs us that Mosaic's business was very up and down during the day -- good times and bad times, sometimes busy and sometimes not. As he counts the money, he tells us that he expects the score to be "pretty tight." "If we win, I'll be a hero," he says. "If we lose, I'll be a jackass." Yep, that's about right. Except really, you'll be a jackass either way.

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