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Over at Apex, they're wrapping up, and judging by the music that's playing, they're feeling insecure, too. Chris, in fact, opines that if they win with their "measly" take, they'll be very lucky. As they all walk back, Jen thanks the new Apexiennes and Apexors for all their hard work, and Kevin explains that after they got back and cleaned up, the relatively happy team went out to dinner together. As they rehash their exciting day of dog massage, Jen explains that she's a dog person through and through, so she felt like it was a good idea for her to be the one to do the actual dog bathing. She adds that she was the only one willing to clip nails, so there was that, too. Unsurprisingly, Ivana lectureviews that if they lose, it will actually be Jen's fault, for failing to be a team leader rather than a team member. In other words, everyone knows a team leader isn't supposed to do any work. Duh, Jen!

The next morning, the teams pile into the Boardroom. Carolyn and Allen are waiting. Trump enters and greets everyone and so forth. Asked how her team did, Jen says she thinks they did well. It wasn't easy leading people who were new to her, but she did her best. Wes is asked the same thing, and he says the team was hard-working and "did as well as they could have done." Carolyn gives the Mosaic results first, saying that they charged $15 for a bath, and made a profit of $122.12. Allen gives the results for Apex. He praises them for being "diversified" in both location and services. And their profit was $307.41, which George would tell you is more than six times the profit that Mosaic made. That means the winner is Apex, and the loser, for the moment, is Wes. Trump reminds Jennifer that she'll be exempt next week, and then tells the team that this week's reward will be meeting Mayor Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion. Oh, and Mosaic has to come back and go to the Boardroom. Although Maria is exempt, dammit.

And now, the always boring reward segment, which, honestly, I can barely be bothered to recap at this point, and which I think they should drop from the show, because it is almost always completely uninteresting. But here we are, so...Raj talks about the history of the mansion, blah dee blah, Bloomberg doesn't actually live in it, blah blah, Ivana was excited to meet him, blee dee dee, they all sit around and ask Bloomberg for his advice, bling bling, he thinks government is as brutal as business, Raj thinks Bloomberg is interesting because he's a billionaire, Bloomberg doesn't think you should compromise on what you want, blah blah blah, Bloomberg throws them out of the house. Oh, and Raj tells us that knowledge is power, and power is getting back at Anna Kournikova for negging you at the tennis game. Or, you know, whatever.

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