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Fifty years, and it's come to this

Net Worth shows Burton their "wing" idea, and then they want to know how quickly he can make a star that has their "Rock Star Couture" thing on it. I love how he's sort of disbelieving that they actually want to work that dorky logo into the design, but he plays along, because what's he going to do? I basically hate everything about the design they wind up with, in that it incorporates a star, and a flag, and wings, and the words "Rock Star Couture," and I'm just so dissatisfied with the whole phony, watery, bloodless, red-state nature of it. It's like the Clay Aiken of shirts.

Kendra and Craig are in a cab with Romero, and Kendra asks him whether he designed his shirt, which is covered with hearts. He admits that he did. Kendra voices over that they were on their way to Hanes, and then we are watching Craig and Kendra have their first little flare-up, which is basically about nothing, but they have it anyway, because that's what they do. Kendra says that she became the PM because she knew that Craig wouldn't listen to anything she said if he were the PM. Probably quite true. "I would not be able to do anything my way, and therefore we wouldn't win the task." Heh. While they're working with Romero, Kendra tells a woman who seems to be his assistant that they'd love to get the information about Romero's fans so that they can do a blast email to the list telling everyone about the shirts' availability. Kendra explains that this went to 3000 collectors of his work. Good plan. Romero, meanwhile, shows them a couple of sketches, one of which is based on a heart, and one based on a star. Kendra says she likes the heart, but Craig -- of course -- takes the opposite position and says he prefers the star. He claims that the star is "more universal." Please. What the hell does that mean? Nothing, that's what. Ultimately, they can't agree, so Kendra chooses the heart. Craig interviews that she only wants his opinion when she's not going to obey him anyway, so why bother? Which is great. If you don't do what he says, you're not listening to him. Great attitude. Romero says that he'll get going. Craig laughs that the decisions that were getting made were hers -- once again, God knows he didn't do anything, so he wouldn't be on the hook if they lost. I just cannot abide that attitude, and he's, like, the king of it.

The Trump motto is "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize." The ensuing segment has very little to do with eyes, prizes, or keeping. Got it? Good.

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