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Lesson Eight: The Level Of Our Incompetence

Muna and Angela and Heidi feel so bad for him, due to their imaginary relationship with their imaginary version of him, and Muna asks if he even has one person to help him. The whole team is having a great time, while this is going on, by the way: laughing and chatting and not sucking. Muna mentions that James has never won, or something, and Surya mentions that they've never won at all without him as PM. Which is wack. And if you think that's a red flag that he's going to think PM record matters, this year especially, you're totally right. Angela interviews that it must just be a personality conflict -- and she's right. Surya's personality is in conflict with reality and how personalities should be. Surya whines and mewls and cries and gives another three speeches about how awesome he is, like he's so offended that he even has to explain how wonderful he is, and they agree with him, but they sure do take off pretty fast. Muna tells him to fight, and promises to pray for him, which I always find rude, but he tells her she's sweet, and she runs off, to get away from him and the one-man show of his magical, wonderful, undiscovered perfection.

Upstairs at Trumpy's, the Little Exec reiterates that Arrow lost because their concept was not on brand, it made no sense, and there was no story. He suggests firing Surya, because he sucks. Well, he says it's because the PM leads the concept, but we know what he means. Bill says that Surya's going to be the target, but that it was Tim's confusing idea, and that James is mean. Downstairs, Andie's I guess going out to the clubs right after this, based on her outfit. I hope she remembered her fake ID. Aww, she and the GNC executive should date one day! When they are old enough!

Surya comes into the BR smirking and weird; Trump asks Frank to explain the concept of the event. Which is, I can only assume, a sign that he is not feeling the boardroom right now, and wants to spice it up with some crazy talk. And Frankie provides it, all about how they were bringing across a positive message about GNC, but that it was sadly very boring, and that was the problem. Surya describes the desire to strike a note of...whatever, Trump interrupts him, this isn't his first rodeo with Surya. Tim explains that the idea was his, and it's solid -- it was the execution that was the problem. I'll buy that. I don't know how you make that interesting to watch, but I feel the same way about soccer, and those fourteen people were all there on purpose, so...James offers that Surya was a great leader way back in their first task, back when he had to remind them to wear clothes and not scratch their genitals in front of executives, but they've kind of outgrown his bullshit at this point. He reminds Trump that they lost the Lexus task. Tim agrees: Surya sucked in these two tasks even more than he does naturally. He's disconnected from the team and is jerky.

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