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Chain wallets and small potatoes

Erin jumps in, saying that rock stars like to talk about themselves, and they like to have their egos stroked. And rather than do that, John chose to spend all his time on his favorite subject, which happens to be himself. John insists that he told "maybe a three-minute quip" to each person. That's really too long, to tell you the truth, if it's a busy person who doesn't know you and doesn't have any reason to care about your life. ["Three seconds is too long. You're not there to make friends with them. Shut up, John." -- Sars] Trump moves on to ask Stephanie about some mysterious "it factor" that he has discussed -- with Oprah, of all people. He wants to know whether Erin thinks John has "it." "I'll sum up by a quick answer: no," Erin says. She continues, talking about how John would jump in every time anyone else tried to talk, with the "I got it" and the other "I got it." John asks incredulously why they didn't say anything. Because you were talking, dude. Stephanie is asked whether she agrees with Erin, and she says, "Absolutely." John, beginning to feel the pinch, says that the meetings went great all day, and the team felt great about them, and now they're all changing their tunes. Well, sure. They're not trapped in a van with your ass now, brother. Trump reasonably points out that this is the nature of losing.

Trump asks Angie if John is right or wrong, and Angie says that Chris did a great job delegating, and Trump jumps in to ask whether Chris was chewing tobacco again during this task. Heh. Angie assures Trump that there was no chewing. Now, it is time for Chris to choose two people to come back. Chris chooses John and Erin, which raises Trump's eyebrow as to the second one. Chris says he was left with little choice, as Angie was "incredible" on the task, and Stephanie is, after all, tragically exempt. Trump sends Stephanie and Angie back upstairs, and the others go to wait in the lobby.

In the Boardroom, Carolyn tells Trump she thinks John could have negotiated better. But she also thinks that Chris could certainly have done a better job with the managing. Asked for his opinion, George says he's "very disturbed" about Chris's decision to delegate the negotiating itself to other members of the team. He thinks that the leader should not have given up that function to anyone. Trump takes this in, to the degree that he ever does, and then he has Robin send the kids back in. When they get there, Trump opens by asking John about the fact that his team went after him. John returns to his argument that he was the only one with any ideas. Well, any ideas that anyone could hear, I guess, which he presumably thinks is the same thing. "If we weren't aiming high enough," he says, "my team should have let me know." He returns to his "only I did anything" theme, and Trump counters that it didn't seem like he was a very good negotiator, for someone who was...sort of in charge of that. Erin is asked if she agrees that he's not much of a negotiator. Erin: "I think he lacks the business acumen, and the ability to sort of butter up the egos and deal with people in a professional capacity." Articulate! Her hair is really misleading. Asked about Chris, she has nicer things to say. "He did a good job," she allows, while recognizing that they did, after all...lose.

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