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Chain wallets and small potatoes

George returns to his theme that Chris shouldn't have passed off the negotiations. Chris repeats that he was confident that the others could do it, but George tries to poke the crazy for the week by saying, "Didn't you not go there because you wanted to stay out of the line of fire, you didn't think you could handle it?" Chris starts bellowing almost immediately about how he's the best negotiator at the table! It's a fact! He's 21 years old! PAH! Carolyn wants to know why, if he's such a great negotiator, he didn't do the negotiations. It really is kind of a trap, and they're right. He gets into quite a holler with Carolyn about what the point of the task was, and this is definitely about as much as I've seen anyone raise his voice in the Boardroom while addressing the Viceroys. And it's not over yet. When Trump and then George get involved, Chris really starts shouting about "I JUST TOLD YOU WHY I DIDN'T GO," and at that point, George does ask him not to raise his voice, and Chris apologizes. Don't tug on SuperGrandpa's cape, Chris. Chris then repeats that he thinks production was more important than the negotiations, so he stayed at the studio.

Trump then asks Chris why he didn't do both. Couldn't he have worked at the studio and also done the negotiating? Chris says he couldn't, and Erin backs him on that point, owing to the difficulties of production. John is also asked if Chris could have done both, and missing or foregoing the opportunity to advance his own ass, he also says no, Chris couldn't have done both. Trump points out that John may be endangering himself by "exonerating" Chris on this issue, but John is sticking with his answer. Trump warns him that he's hurting himself, and asks if production or negotiation is more important. John doesn't answer.

Now, Trump turns to Erin. "Erin, you're probably not going to be fired." Unfortunately, she starts in with some "The only thing is..." bit, and Trump starts asking if she's trying to get fired, and then she looks chagrined like a little girl, which is gross, so let's just keep moving.

Trump tells Chris that he's "very disappointed in certain things," but then he turns to John. He negotiated badly, he asked for the wrong things, he didn't have a good concept, and what's with the chain wallet? (Okay, the last part was me.) John? You, my unctuous friend, are fired. John nods. The Apprenti all get up and walk out. In the lobby, John and Chris hug and exchange "I love you"s (oy), and then John gets on the down, and Erin and Chris get on the up. John hits the streets and gets into his cab. Goodbye, John! Enjoy all the pimping!

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