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Chain wallets and small potatoes

Things at Net Worth are trickier in terms of PM selection, because they have two people left -- Craig and Chris -- who haven't done the job. Craig is ready to defer to Chris if Chris feels he has something to prove, and Chris says somewhat defensively (there's a shocker) that he thinks they all have something to prove. Angie interviews that her impression is that Craig bitches and moans a lot, but isn't interested in being PM. "Come on, step up!" she adds. Would that be...up to the plate? Because we know I can't hear that enough. Let's interface about it! Craig tells the team he feels like he has nothing to prove, and "project manager" is just a title, and you can't spell "leadership" without "eh" and so forth. Chris interviews elsewhere that ultimately, they decided the two of them should put their names in a hat. Anticlimactic, that. I wanted to see a fistfight. Of course, I always want to see a fistfight, so that doesn't prove a lot. Tana does the drawing, and it comes up Chris. But there's no time for talking about it, because it's almost time for Trump. The teams walk out of the L-Pal on their way to meet him.

Boardroom. George and Carolyn are already there, and Trump soon arrives. When he is seated, he gives a little wrap-up speech about how it's essentially a tie between college and high school at this point, so it just goes to show you that both education and experience are important. So no one is better than anyone else, and it didn't really matter! Wow. There's a theme that really paid off, drama-wise. Next time, let's do East Coast/West Coast. Or maybe Tall/Short. How about Drivers/Pedestrians? Sigh.

Fortunately, Trump announces a "corporate restructuring" so they can all work together and we can all stop pretending to care about this educational divide they've been trying to sell, and then he asks who the project manager is for Magna. When Kendra identifies herself, he asks her to pick two people she would rather not have on her team. Kendra rids herself of Erin and Stephanie, who walk over and stand with Net Worth. Trump then shifts over to Chris, who is asked who he would like to get rid of. Chris first sends over Tana, and then Craig. When they get over to the Magna side, Tana and Craig share a hug. Net Worth power! Trump announces that these are the new teams, and Kendra's team is still Magna, and Chris's is still Net Worth. Because we don't come up with new dorky names, and we don't have phony merges, and do you GET IT?

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