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Chain wallets and small potatoes

Chris gets on the Space Communicator with John and tells him to find out whether any of the artists are available to do an appearance during the auction itself on camera. Next, we see John interrupt Erin while she's talking to Barenaked Ladies. Again, he pushes the house party. Erin then asks whether they'd be willing to hang around tomorrow and appear on the show. Tyler Stewart (the drummer) says that he could hang around and do that. Erin flatters him, saying, "If you wanted to bring your drums, you always could." And then John cuts in again. "Hey," he says, "if you want to bring your drums, that would be cool, because I'd just like to play some, 'cause I haven't seen mine in...and I'm, like, freaking out about it." Tyler looks at John like John just asked to make out with Tyler's mother. John definitely does not know as much about musicians as he thinks he does. Tyler gives the little secret-smile "'kay" that means that later, he and the band are going to have a ginormous laugh over the dipshit who wanted to just, you know, borrow the drums for a while.

Over at Magna, Kendra is on the Space Communicator with Tana, who's explaining that she and Craig intend to ask Eve if the winner can appear in a scene on the Eve show. And something about "crunk," I'm sure. Kendra asks them to throw in some more stuff, but basically supports them. She interviews that Tana and Craig were being careful to check back with the team before making decisions about what to pitch. We then watch the meeting with Eve, in which she does indeed agree to the combination of an appearance on the show and a lunch. The Jadakiss meeting goes similarly well. Tana and Chris run a deal where she kind of teases about whether they should ask for what they're really wanting to ask for or whatever, and Tana finally asks if the winner could "travel around the world with you." "That's cool," he says. So I don't know what exactly that entails, but it sounds pretty good. Everyone claps. Yay!

The Lil Kim meeting is even better. Tana opens with a pitch to let someone "go on the road with" Lil Kim, who initially blanches slightly. Tana describes in an interview how she likes to start out small with a sale, and then add and add until she reaches this climactic point where...well, let's just say cigarettes are involved. She talks about her background with Mary Kay, which I've been kind of trying not to think about, actually. Ultimately, Tana and Craig ask for, and get, a week with Kim. Tana points out that she ought to be able to do pretty well at convincing people to give some time, considering that she can "sell makeup to men." Heh. I do wish she weren't wearing the pink shirt. Because that makes it all seem just a little bit too Mary Kay. Tana tells Craig, "Baby, we are nailing this to the wall."

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