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After a call from upstairs, all four return to the boardroom, where Trump congratulated them on making it this far. "It really is something to be proud of," he says. IS IT? He says two more will be eliminated before the finals, and those determinations will be made by the executive committee of last season's top two, John Rich and Marlee Matlin. Because who can succeed in business without the stamp of approval from the guy who wrote "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"?

Then we cut to THE FUTURE for some reason, where Marlee and John recount their meetings with the final four in retrospect, like this show needed something as hoary as a framing device. Oh, by the way, Marlee enthuses about getting to raise $7.2 million for charity via an Apprentice event, and Trump immediately, like a reflex, asks for 25%. Hero. So ... the interviews.

Aubrey considers herself an old soul (oh, brother), but Marlee wonders if she's in this for TV or for charity? Oh, Aubrey is all about charity. She's worked with Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, and Fidel Castro. I DON'T EVEN KNOW, YOU GUYS. She's also passionate about bullying as an issue and as a way to get attention for herself. Marlee doesn't seem entirely sold. Meanwhile, John Rich has apparently appointed himself the hardass of this season. He has some kind of big problem with Diddy not being called upon to donate to her charities. She says she did call him, but, I'm not sure if you've heard, he fucking hates her. Anyway, she claims she's NOT manipulative or conniving, but as John tells Trump later, it was a little obvious that Aubrey was running game on him.

Marlee thinks Clay might have been a follower all season, but as Clay talks about his charity -- kids with disabilities -- it's clear she likes him. John goes for the "you shocked everybody by being a tough faggot" route that Trump favors so much, and then proceeds to berate Clay about how "second place sucks!" John gets on Clay's case for only being PM twice in 13 weeks. I'm really glad John Rich is making the most of this chance to be an asshole on TV. Clay does say he's been holding some in reserve for the finals, however, which seems ill-advised.

With Arsenio, John brings up how he raised over a million dollars in his season, as compared to Arsenio's $100,000. John's theory is that nobody tried very hard to win I guess. Good theory! Marlee asks how he got along with everybody, so of course he has to bring up the names he called Aubrey several episodes ago. Not appropriate, he says but all he can do is ask for forgiveness. Still, Marlee is a little disappointed in him! I would hate that.

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