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Bread And Badda-Bing

Oh, and you can try the sandwiches at Quiznos yourself for a while, if you feel like it. Presumably without the Baldwin fingerprints.

In the board room, Trump and his viceroys agree that they've been more impressed with Trace. I also agree, but I can't help wondering how much of that is lower expectations for Trace, which I gladly admit I was guilty of having earlier in the season. In the lobby, Trace complains about Stephen's nervous pacing, wondering if he has crabs. "Those days are over," Stephen TMIs. And Trump calls them back in, not a moment too soon.

Trump admits that they both did well, and asks Stephen how many decisions he made during this task. Stephen says he "chimed in" and supported Trace. Trump doesn't think that's enough, but Stephen says there wasn't anything Trace decided that he disagreed with. And we know from history that Stephen isn't shy about disagreeing when he sees the need. Finally, Trump is reduced to asking, "Who wants this more?" Trace again talks about his six-year-old daughter with the severe food allergies. "I have a food allergy," Stephen tools. Trump likes the fact that Trace is a man of few words, but they're all good ones. Stephen agrees with Trump, and says that he and Trace made an agreement (off-camera, of course) that they wouldn't do anything to each other in the board room that's "not righteous." How that precludes a righteous ass-kicking, I have no idea. Trump respects Stephen for that, and reiterates that it's a tough call. He asks Ivanka who she would fire. She says Stephen, since Trace can generate more money. Trump reminds everyone that Trace has generally raised more money than anyone on his team (which I'm not going to go back and check, but it seems a bit of an exaggeration), so Stephen is fired.

They hug goodbye in the lobby, promising to keep in touch. Stephen heads down to the limo, admitting that he didn't have the "cutthroat killer instincts." Shouldn't the episode be over now?

Nope. Trace returns to the suite, where everyone is happy to see him. He admits that nobody is more surprised than he at making the final four, and even smiles.

Trump calls the final four back in, "Right now!" So off they go. They return to the board room and sit down. Trump congratulates them all on making it this far, and then drops this bombshell: "Before the night is over, two of you will be fired."

Okay, then! Have a good week, everybody!

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