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So, Mosaic heads out on the helicopter for its reward. Sandy says she's never been on a helicopter before. So this will be a whole new adventure in nausea for her, as it is for me. They fly out over the city, and Wes comments about the great view, and calls New York "the greatest city in the world," the better to suck up to Sars, who is helpless against his charms anyway. ["You jus' jellus. CALL ME, WES!!!1!" -- Sars] Wes says that this gave "a taste of what it would be like to be Donald Trump." Except that if he were Donald Trump, he would have less real hair and more babes. The helicopter approaches the Hamptons, and they learn that the houses they're looking at are worth 19 or 20 million dollars. Wow, I'm totally not buying one, then. After landing, they are transferred into a limo, which pulls up at the home of Denise Rich, participant in scandal and songwriting. She lets them "enjoy the grounds," though apparently not her actual house. The team wanders around the pool area and such, and then they even get to go to the beach. Andy gives a nice interview about how they worked really hard on this task, which made the reward a lot more...well, rewarding. They kick sand around, and predictably, one of the women reports that she feels fat. Last one to declare a negative body image is a rotten egg!

Back at the suite, Apex prepares for the Boardroom. Raj talks to Jen, telling her that he's angry at himself for not taking care of the contractor. But he also blames Kevin's "strong advocacy" of the contractor. Jen interviews that going after Raj would be easy, because he's the PM and she's mean. (I added the last part.) But when the competition gets late, she thinks you have to consider who you want on your team as numbers dwindle, and she still thinks Raj is a good team member. So she tells Raj that she thinks "the focus should be Ivana." Jen tells him confidently that going after Ivana is a great idea. She then interviews that Ivana is "the weakest member." Jen and Ivana now have a fight in which Jen accuses Ivana of "milling around laughing, holding a cup of coffee" while Jen was working so hard. I didn't actually see Jen do a damn thing on that task, so I'm not sure what she's so self-satisfied about. Jen lectureviews that she will be right in people's faces, "holding [them] accountable" for their work, because after all, she's the boss, and she's in charge of telling everyone what to do. SHUT UP. It's remarkable that, of these women, I now find her the most obviously and insufferably full of herself. ["You can imagine my anti-joy when I found out last week that we went to the same university." -- Sars] In the bedroom, she makes a totally unnecessary, dismissive-bordering-on-offensive comment to Ivana that all she's good for is entering numbers into a spreadsheet (you want to watch that, there, Jen). "You lost dismally as project manager, you've been barely contributing, you think you're going to bring me down? I don't think so." HATE. HATE, HATE, HATE. She is not a nice person. Frankly, by now, I prefer Ivana. And I really can't stand Ivana. In an interview, Jen tells us that she will be championing Raj in the Boardroom. Only Jen would see herself as so extraordinarily important that she needs to make a plan in advance for whom she will be "championing." In fact, I think you have to be a champion for that.

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