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Kevin and Ivana head up in the elevator. And then Raj turns around to Robin and says, "So, Robin, what is your number, now that I can talk to you?" She laughs. "Pony up, come on," he says gamely. Now...look. No, you can't be hitting on the secretaries in a real office. But Raj has no power over her or anyone else, and he knows the cameras are on...I saw this as absolutely nothing but farce, and it didn't offend me in the slightest, even though it was very bizarre. He goes on to ask her if she has a boyfriend, and then he says, "All right, I'll be back." He gets on the elevator. I don't like the guy, but I'll say this -- at least he has a little flair. He goes downstairs, gets in his cab, and leaves.

In his taxi interview, as in life, Raj talks too much and says too little.

Next week: Chris undoubtedly neither puts up or shuts up when he is the PM at a bridal salon. Something else happens. A "Boardroom beating," which unfortunately is probably not meant literally.

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