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Ivana and Stacie run into each other in the kitchen, and Stacie says they need to talk. She says, quite calmly, that she doesn't think Ivana understands how serious of a thing it was to say that she was crazy. Ivana claims that she "honestly felt scared." She adds that she considered it "a safety issue," which makes her look, to me, even worse. Because...what horseshit, seriously. Stacie thinks so, too. "You're a liar, you misrepresented me, and that's not cool," Stacie says firmly, as Ivana tries to go for a huffy, aggravated sigh, but just comes off looking defensive. Stacie asks to know how Ivana felt that she was in any danger, and Ivana responds by changing the subject (shocking) and talking about how Stacie needed supervision. Somewhere around here, Jen C. enters and starts smiling, which I found really funny, despite how much of a bitch she can be. Because you have to have a certain grudging respect for someone who can walk into a fight between people she doesn't like and just start grinning with joy at the sheer spectacle of it. Ivana basically walks away as soon as she starts losing the argument, can rest assured that Ivana knows that everything Stacie just said is true. Stacie interviews that for obvious reasons, she was trying not to just go off on anybody. Heh. Yeah, you don't want to pile an assault charge on top of the 8-Ball thing. Actually, I think 8-Ball use qualifies as a previous offense for the purposes of sentencing. Chris tries to get Stacie to think "task" rather than "revenge," and she seems like she will probably do that to the best of her ability, but she's not too apologetic for responding to what she seems to think was done to her first. And...good for her, really. Because women like Ivana get that way from not being called on their shit. The message is that the less you call them out on it, the more they do it, and they're not going to learn anything from being shamed, no matter how right you are, and have I mentioned that whatever my reasons for voting, THAT'S my motto for the next four years?

"Control Your Contractor," says Trump's black-and-white motto. He tells us that contractors are a special sort of people, because they generally didn't go to business school, but they're usually just as bright as the people who did. "You have to know how to deal with contractors," he says, going on to point out that a contractor you don't watch will "pick your pocket." Aw. Poor contractors, all maligned by Donald Trump. I have a feeling all his projects are about to grind to a screeching halt due to a citywide outbreak of "illness." And their bosses will call him up and say, "Gee, big guy, I got no idea what's goin' on. They've all got a case of...uh, pickpocketitis. It's very, very mysterious."

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