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Who's the Biggest Loser?

The teams enter the boardroom with the Trump Trifecta. Joan tells Trump her team was extraordinary, and when Trump asks who the star of the team was, Joan says, "Brande." Brande says, "Wow, thank you," in a truly humble way. Annie looks mad, but can you imagine how not humble she would have been? I actually worried for a split second that Joan would say her. Trump asks Brande what she did to be a star, and she says she called a lot of people. Trump asks Joan if Brande brought in a lot of money, and Joan says she did, but she was also just there and glad to work anytime someone was needed to do something. Annie continues to look angry. Trump asks Claudia who's the weakest member of the women's team, and Claudia says that, as far as personality, it's Annie, who overtook Joan's role as leader. To Claudia's immense credit, she looks at Annie and says, "This is hard to do." Annie explains that she's not going to pussy-foot around, and Joan wasn't in the kitchen, so she took over. Claudia tells her she needs to respect her team, and not tell a grown woman how to frost a cupcake. Annie says the chef told her how to do it. And then Trump sticks up for Annie, saying she takes money from men killers. He knows many men who have lost big to Annie. He asks her if she thinks she's tough. She does, and she won't be apologetic about it.

Trump turns to Herschel, who says his team was great. When asked who is the weak link, instead of throwing Dice Clay under the bus, he says he doesn't think they have one. But Dice Clay interjects, so Herschel says he must be the weak link. Dice Clay says he doesn't believe in baking, so he had to create a job for himself and had to become almost like the court jester. Herschel says Dice Clay's not a worker, but more of a court jester. Trump thinks that's a knock, but Herschel says it's not. Dice Clay says he's a comic, who makes people laugh. He says he's entertaining, and then he impersonates John Travolta and Sylvester Stallone having sex (not with each other, but each having sex with someone). I'm not even kidding. He tells Trump he can't even do that, and he's "Donnie Trump." Trump looks at him silently and then says, "Dennis," moving along to tell Dennis what a great celebrity is, because of his look and height. He asks if Dennis is the most recognizable of the group and if they used him in that capacity. Herschel says they wanted to, but he wouldn't get out of the van and work. Then Herschel says he's from the old-school, and some people need a spanking, like Dennis. Dennis thinks they won. Trump says it's time to find out.

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