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Who's the Biggest Loser?

Back in the ladies' room, Brande wonders who said size doesn't matter, and Claudia says, "The small one." Don asks what Brian would have done differently for the team. He asks if they could control a Dennis. Brian says they learned that none of them have really been subordinate before, so it's tough to take orders from someone. Trump says it's tough being the leader of that, and Herschel repeats his stupid, "If you don't want the ball, don't play" platitude. Trump points out this isn't like a football game, where he's the best player. Herschel tries to continue about grabbing the ball, but Trump's already over it. He says that taste and quality mattered, and they didn't have either, so he asks Jesse if that was a big factor. Jesse says their cupcakes suck, and they knew that last night. Trump asks Scott who was responsible for that, and Scott says he would say everyone who was in the kitchen baking, because they all worked equally. Trump asks Dice Clay who's responsible, and he just says, "It wasn't me," because he didn't cook the cupcakes. His defense is that he didn't help. Do you think that's going to work in his favor? Ivanka tries to talk, but Dice Clay interrupts. Trump tells him he cut off Ivanka, but that's okay since his whole life has been about cutting off women. Right, so why make him respect your own daughter? He says they're never going to change Dice Clay, and Dice Clay laughs that Trump is unbelievable. I'm not sure why Dice Clay thinks that, but I do agree.

Dice Clay starts rambling about how his idea was to forget women, but he never makes a point. And then he tells Trump that it bothers him that he keeps saying Dennis is the most famous, because he's the only guy in this room to sell out Madison Square Garden three times, and to sell out every arena in this country over and over again. He also says he wasn't baking, so he went on the air and promoted the charity event. Herschel says he could have gone on the radio, but Dice Clay interrupts and says he couldn't because he's not funny. Herschel acknowledges Dice Clay's funny, but he's willing to bet "dimes to doughnuts" (or cupcakes?) that he had more people from Georgia there than Dice Clay had from the radio. Dice Clay thinks that's an impossibility.

Trump asks Jesse who's the worst player in terms of winning, and Jesse thinks Dennis for sitting in the truck. Trump asks what Dennis thinks, and Dennis explains that if he went to the corner, he'd distract people and that Tom did a good job yelling "Dennis Rodman! Dennis Rodman!" so people would come to the truck and see him and buy cupcakes. Trump tells Herschel that's pretty effective. Herschel says Dennis only wants to play half the game, but Dennis interrupts and says "Donald, man, this is really ridiculous." Dennis tells Herschel that if he's going to manage a group, he needs to know how to delegate people, and that never happened. Trump asks if he blames Herschel, but Dennis says he's not saying that. He just says if it were him, he'd look at all of their points and then say, "I'm going to use Tom Green here. He'll do this job right." I can't believe I'm saying this, but dude is making an excellent point. Dennis asks the others to jump in if they disagree, but that there was no delegation in the kitchen. Dice Clay says that's "100 percent right," that it was "every man for himself." Which is how Dice Clay ended up not working, obviously. Trump asks if that's a lack of leadership, and Dice Clay says it is. Herschel admits it was a lack of leadership.

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