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Who's the Biggest Loser?

In the men's room, Dice Clay is complaining about the lack of bagels and coffee. Scott tells the camera that Dice Clay isn't focused at all. They want to name the team first, and then choose a leader. Scott pulls out a notebook and volunteers to be secretary. Tom suggests "Triumph." Dennis says "VIP Enterprise," but the others giggle that it sounds like an escort service. "The Money-getters" and "Team FUBAR" are suggested. Scott interviews later that this is the most dysfunctional group ever, so coming up with a team name is impossible. Dice Clay says they're all "Kings of the Universe," and then someone acronyms it as "KOTU," which is the acronym for that. How stupid. Herschel says they should probably choose a project manager first, and that tiny bit of genius is what leads Scott to say Herschel just proved he should be the leader. Everyone agrees. Or, I should say, no one disagrees because Dennis clearly does not agree. Later, in his camera interview, he says he doesn't know why Herschel is project manager, since he didn't have "no vote" in it. He blames it on Scott and Clint, and says Herschel doesn't have any leadership skills and "he remind me of a 15-year-old kid." Dennis leaves the table as Clint tells Herschel he is the PM on the task and will name the team. Herschel tells us he's not just a football player and then he names the team "KOTU" (pronounced "koe-too"), saying, "KOTU is gods." Tom likes it, though he confesses to the camera it's sort of goofy, but grows on you, especially if you say it a lot. So he says it a lot, and say it's sort of like a Lord of the Rings character, like Gollum, which he would have preferred.

Both teams head to the boardroom, where Trump, Trump (Donald Jr.) and Trump (Ivanka) are seated. Trump, the original, asks Dennis who they've chosen as PM, and he just points to Herschel and says he's right there. Trump asks why he wanted to lead, and Herschel says it's a team, and he believes in team and leadership. He also says he wanted this, because "if you don't want the ball, don't play?" The women say they've chosen Joan. Trump reminds them that the PM gets fired a lot. They both know that. Trump asks Joan if she's made many cupcakes over the years, and tells her she's going to get a chance to do it again. She says, "We lose," and all the women laugh. He says the teams will create, bake and sell cupcakes. They'll use the kitchens and equipment at Institute of Culinary Education, and then develop a mobile sales center and travel all over the streets of New York. The team that sells the most, in terms of money, through any means, wins. Trump asks their team names, and Herschel, who chose the name KOTU says, "Ku-toe." Trump asks "What?" and a bunch of guys say it correctly: "KOTU." Trump yells for them to pronounce it. He asks what it means, and Tom tells him it's "Kings of the Universe." Trump asks if Dennis likes the name, since Dennis is laughing, and Dennis says, "I am so about it." Trump asks if everyone likes it, and Dennis points to Jesse and says he hated it. Jesse tells Trump, "It sucks." Herschel says he made the decision. And then Dice Clay freaks because Herschel touches his hand, and he thinks he was trying to hold it. Is Dice Clay for real?

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