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Who's the Biggest Loser?

The women are making beautiful cupcakes, according to Annie. And they really are, since I don't even like cupcakes and I'm finding myself wanting one. [What? Who doesn't like cupcakes? - Z] The chef is very impressed with their finished cupcakes. They make vanilla with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips on top, which sounds and looks amazing. And a whole bunch of other pretty sprinkles and toppings. But then they check their chocolate cupcakes, which didn't rise like the other ones. The chef thinks Natalie, who mixed the chocolate cupcakes, used baking soda instead of powder, or the wrong flour or something. They just keep making vanilla instead of letting the failed chocolate get them down. They call the decorating crew and tell them what happened, so the decorators go help bake.

Clint, Herschel, Scott and Tom continue to bake up a storm, when Jesse and Brian return. Jesse says the team has separated into two tribes: Dennis and Dice Clay (whom he describes as "Paris and Nicole," which only furthers my Odd Couple comment, no?), and the rest of them. Poor Dennis should not have gone with Dice Clay. It's totally turning him into the enemy. Jesse says everyone here is willing to work, and those guys have already left. Clint tastes a chocolate cupcake, which is apparently terrible. The chef tastes them, too, and agrees. Apparently, they forgot to put sugar in, which means Herschel dropped the ball. The chef doesn't think they can make all new batches, so she suggests brushing them with sweet syrup. Jesse says they taste like ass, and Tom says adding syrup is like putting "perfume on a turd." Jesse tastes them, and they're still not sweet enough, so they keep adding more sugar.

Brande's looking at Athena's mangled chocolate cupcakes and making fun of Annie, because she apparently said she's a good baker. Annie says, completely condescendingly, "I didn't make those ones, sweetie. I made the vanilla." Natalie looks sheepish as she stands to the side watching. The chef tastes the chocolate and says they taste good, nice and fudgy. They can just add ganache and frosting, and chocolate lovers will love them. Annie tells Claudia she's going to tell her how to frost a cupcake, and Claudia says she knows how, actually, but Annie tells her how anyway ("You put frosting on a knife and spread it," basically). Claudia tells her that seems self-explanatory and looks knowingly at the camera. Then she interviews that she admires strength in women, but Annie talks way too much. She acknowledges she does have valid points and good ideas, but will not shut up. We get a montage of Annie barking orders at everyone. Brande says to Joan, "Fun stuff, huh? You thought you were project manager." Joan interviews that Annie did a great job getting things done, just like Mussolini did. Annie continues to shout as everyone else looks annoyed.

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