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Who's the Biggest Loser?

The next morning, Brande and Melissa are on trailer decorating duty. They are basically putting pink and orange stars and cupcakes all over the trailer. Jesse is decorating his trailer, too. And his actually looks much better. Both teams went with the theme "Celebrity Cupcakes." Melissa and Brande walk by the men's truck and realize how much better it is than theirs. Melissa has to give them credit for being more on it than she thought.

The men are selling cupcakes in Times Square, for $20 each. The women are selling them for $5, but are happy to take more than that for charity. Khloe explains that this task was about how much money they made, not how many cupcakes they sold, so whether $5 or five grand, they'd sell a cupcake. Melissa worries about how the men are doing, because she thinks they have a lot of friends with deep pockets.

As if on cue, Tony Hawk shows up to support his friend Tom. He gives them $1,000, and says they cupcakes better taste good. He and Tom hug it out. Scott explains how much people love their team, and that people came to see the celebrities and get photos with them. So they buy cupcakes. They get a naked cowboy (technically, he's wearing a Speedo) to play guitar on top of their trailer, for some unknown reason. [He's not a naked cowboy, he's The Naked Cowboy. - Z] It was Tom's idea, though, so that might explain it. Scott and Brian talk about how much money they're making.

A Playboy bunny shows up with a $5,000 donation from Hugh Hefner. And then all of the employees in the Playboy building come down, too, and buy cupcakes -- and attract even more customers. Joan interviews that Brande's a very smart woman "lost" in a gorgeous face and body. I am not sure why she's "lost," but Joan said it, not me. Don strolls up to see how the ladies are doing so far. Has anyone noticed that Don is well on his way to Trump-style bad hair? It's not good. Trump pulls Melissa aside and asks her how things are going. They basically say nothing, and then he tells her to get back to work.

Scott is basically holed up inside the truck -- I think because he has no fans, so he's just the money guy. He explains that Dennis sat in the driver's seat instead of being outside as a draw, since so many people want to see him. Tom couldn't understand why Dennis didn't want to get out of the truck, but Herschel didn't do anything about it, so Tom takes control: He tries to lift Dennis to take him outside. Dennis explains that he stayed out of the way of selling, because if he stood outside, people would get a picture with him and then not bother with the cupcakes. So Tom sends people to the truck to see Dennis Rodman -- and buy a cupcake. Ivanka shows up and asks Herschel how they're doing. He says they're doing well, and Ivanka interviews that the men were doing well, but that Dennis seemed a little "lacksadaisacal" [sic], to say the least. She thought he should be out in the public, attracting a crowd.

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