Cereal Killers

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Lesson Four: How To Sell Brent Michael Buckman Down The River Once Again

Charmaine and Gold Rush are in the car by 7 AM to get to the presentation, shivering with anticipation and talking up about how the delivery should be like a two-minute deal that's very simple and just ties it all together, their basic ideas and the driving campaign stuff behind the billboard, and everyone nods sleepily, because they've got it in the bag. There is no mention of the twee as fuck plastic baby at this point, which: small favors, because I would have lost interest at this point, had I known what they were planning as a backup.

Tammy gathers Synergy, or tries to, already worried that they're going to be late. Brent is running around in his underwear at 7-ish, ironing his clothes. Tammy's like, "So I guess we just...wait for him. He got in the shower at 6:45!" Brent and Andrea have a very awkward face-off. She interviews that he's running late "again," and that he was already a drain on "time, resources, and energy," and that this -- over images of him still waddling about in his underwear and "fixing" his hair -- is going to make them another twenty or thirty minutes late, and altogether it's a "big huge deal." We don't see how Brent and Andrea end up discussing this, but it's either that Andrea felt like bugging him about it, or he picked up bluntly on the resentment and decided yet again to have a whole fucking conversation about it instead of just doing his best to get out on time, but either way, there's not really a winner here. Brent's going on about how "normally [he has] been ready on time," and Andrea full-on "Um"s that this is untrue, and that he was late for the last event, as well. Brent gets defensive: "Oh, come on! First of all, I was up until 4 AM working for you as the employer..." and Andrea says that this is hardly an excuse -- which it isn't, regardless, Mr. Adult ADD -- because he wasn't "doing what [she] asked" in the first place, 4 AM or no. He keeps repeating, "Excuse me, I was up till 4 AM," and Andrea is funny here: "Doing a bad job!" There's a bleep, and it could conceivably be not Brent but in fact Andrea, which is hilarious, because means she just said, "Because you were doing a fucking bad job!" But they're talking over each other and I'm not sure. Brent starts yelling, "You're full of it! You did a horrible job! We pulled it out of the hat for you, you unappreciative you-know-what!" He says this not only verbatim, but playing to the camera. I don't know what to do with Brent. Andrea rolls her eyes, and Brent interviews nonsensically about how she should be "locked in a prison somewhere."

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