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Lesson Four: How To Sell Brent Michael Buckman Down The River Once Again

And then Andrea crosses the line: "You pulled it out of the hat for me? Okay, that's why I'm a multimillionaire and you make $50,000 a year? Okay." Gasp! You just fucking handed him the argument, Andrea! What are you doing? That's like the crassest thing. I mean, it shut him up, but come on! That's like how Joe R. always says that when you say "You think you're better than me," you're admitting that the person is actually better than you, at least in your perception. Just handing the whole thing over, while simultaneously making the entire conversation pointless. Andrea just came out of left field with the ugliest possible Godwin Variation I can think of, in this game. Gross. Brent wanders off, and Andrea Angela Chases into space, like even she can't believe how bad that was.

Gold Rush. Has brought They meet in the Post foyer with Trump, Ivanka and the execs, and Charmaine is holding a plastic baby, and there's a stroller. Why? Both teams admit that they think they will win, and then they all turn to watch the banners being unfurled from a higher level. The music is very dramatic as this happens, but it's awfully impressive, in the moment.

Charmaine explains that their billboard design involves a "health-conscious adult pouring the cereal into her mouth," adding that it's creative and unconventional, and has a certain shock value. The tag line on the poster is "It's that good!" She jokes that it wouldn't be surprising to see a man doing that, pouring crazy amounts of food into his face, but having the actor be a woman is more intriguing. Good point. The whole thing -- I think this is in the recaplet -- has a very attractive, glowy 40 Year-Old Virgin quality to it that I love. It's like a bright new future full of hope and this woman pouring cereal straight down her gullet. It sounds like porn, I know, but it's actually a very cool image, not too much creepy sex stuff going on. I mean, she's wearing a headband and pouring Grape-Nuts up her nose -- how sexy could she be? There's then a very gay moment where they explain the baby and stroller -- they're "announcing the newest addition" to the Post family of cereals, and again: I would drop dead -- and Dan hands out cheesy little birth announcements. If this had anything to do with the banner, like if there were a baby or something in the billboard concept, which there wouldn't be, but if babies were involved beyond that stupid "new member of the family" thing, I might not hate it so much. Luckily it's glossed over in the episode, and it's exactly the kind of lame thing that those guys love, but it gives me hives. The Viceroys and execs are like, "Great, more crap to deal with" with the announcements.

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