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Lesson Four: How To Sell Brent Michael Buckman Down The River Once Again

Trump says that Brent "had to go...let's not kid ourselves," and Ivanka calls it "absolutely the right decision," and George says that Brent's "only a disruptive influence," and Trump says the thing that I think is very interesting, because I hadn't really thought about it: that Synergy will be a "much better team without Brent." And yeah, to all of it. But I was saying to my friend Aaron when we watched this that I like when the obvious trolls are finally gone, because it's a sliding scale to where there's no drama at all. Like Randal and Rebecca last year, when they went to dinner with George and Carolyn and fought over who they wanted for the final task: there was ambition, and will, and strength, and bargaining, and the fight, but there was no...drama, no bullshit, and it was so beautiful, because it was war without that personal shit that drama queens like Brent introduce into the equation. Just calm people, calmly meeting on the battlefield. And every week brings us closer to that, and that means every week is just a bit more beautiful and enjoyable, but it also means that it's okay to enjoy the train wrecks for what they are, which is one by one delaying the inevitable master-class match. Which rocks, and which integrates the two awesome things about this show: the total insanity and the total competence, and between the two, we're set. And season by season, they're going to keep stacking the deck with both, more and more, and that means each season will rock more, because it's already a carnival now, and next season is in L.A., which is like Blade Runner level of fucked-up anyway.

Brent hustles angrily out to the cab, and it's sad and ineffectual, as Allie leads the charge upstairs, Tammy at the end of the line. Gold Rush is going to SHIT.

Brent's last word: "I respectfully disagree with Mr. Trump for firing me at this point in time. I was the only true leader on Synergy. I hope they all get fired. I think they are a bunch of...people who are stubborn and really gave me a hard time and didn't...really give me the time of day and didn't give me just desserts and should have allowed me to be PM...Synergy did sell Brent Michael Buckman down the river." My italics. And his. Please try to show him compassion if you ever run into him. He doesn't deserve it, but he needs it.

Next week, crazy madness on a cruise ship; Lenny is, of course, implicated, and somebody's giving Roxanne grief. Please, please let her be in the right. That's all I ask.

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