Cereal Killers

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Lesson Four: How To Sell Brent Michael Buckman Down The River Once Again

Charm interviews about the process and how she stepped up due to the diuretic fear Tarek inspired in her at the beginning of the episode, and smiles tinily to herself when she stumbles over the incredibly long name of the cereal, only barely keeping from rolling her eyes. Back in the small-b boardroom, Charmaine quiets the group down both quickly and effectively, just as George enters. This endears her to him forever, because it's a Herculean feat and he knows it. Leslie floats this idea of many flavors of animals bringing all the different ingredients of the PGNTMC to a bowl, and I can't picture how a billboard of that would even look, other than "pretty creepy," and Charmaine wins the entire task without knowing it: "Less is more." She calls attention to the fact that it's a billboard, meaning that you have like five seconds to process the whole thing, and all but one of those seconds is reading the incredibly long name of the cereal. So you have to focus on a single iconic and striking image, basically. She once more reins them in easily and quickly and gets them back on task, and George interviews that it's "a difficult group" of seven "Type-A" personalities, and that Charmaine handled them and kept them focused very well. I am sad that this is such a groundbreaking strategy. Bryce comes up with the picture of a guy just pouring the cereal directly into his mouth, unendingly, because it's just so good. Charmaine is like, "That's what we're doing, let's move on," and Lenny of course is all in favor of moving on from any task ever, because he is in a chronic hurry.

Showtime, Synergy. Allie is dressed like that weird lady in Four Weddings And A Funeral, with an umbrella and a strange hat and sheathy outfit, just completely rampaging through the streets of New York harassing passersby with abandon. Sean approaches...actually, she is possibly the prettiest girl in the world. The full data is still being processed at the time of writing, but I can say with authority that My God this girl is ridiculously pretty, at the very least. Sean asks her to be their model, and she is, of course, convinced by his accent. Allie asserts that they now have to find a man old enough to be the girl's father...and approaches approximately thirty-five men the same age or younger than the "daughter" is, and keeps getting turned down by her teammates. Some of them, she herself recognizes as too young and attractive to actually be her father. Put your stuff away, Allie. They pick out a blond, thick dude, who looks about thirty-five (he's older, but doesn't look it, so his age doesn't actually matter) who is vastly attractive as well, and cast him even though it doesn't actually make any sense. Creepier and creepier. Allie calls him a "mountain man." I don't think she realizes that this whole idea came out of what she was saying about her dad in the van. She can't, right?

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