Cereal Killers

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Lesson Four: How To Sell Brent Michael Buckman Down The River Once Again

Gold Rush: Tarek, Lee, and Leslie also hit the streets. Was this in the dossier for this task? Why not just hit a modeling agency? I hear they sometimes use models in advertisements. They find a pretty girl ("wholesome," "girl-next-door"), and Tarek lays on the...something. Charm? I think he's good-looking enough that, no matter what, it's going to be charming. From this side of the screen, what it is, is creepy. He comes running up to this girl and opens with "I am going to be totally shady." He asks if she speaks English, which is...I get where he's coming from, but it's somehow also creepy. He offers to give her $200 and buy her "a sporting outfit," and all she has to do is hold a box up to her face. I was going to have a quiz here, but there's only one appropriate answer, so screw it. People, I don't care if they have a TV crew with them, I don't care if they look like Tarek, do not get in vans with strangers. "Have your producer call me" is the only thing you should say. Instead, the girl smiles beautifully and agrees. I'm glad it worked out this one time. She sits in the van with them, thinking about how she is going to die, as Leslie chomps disgustingly on a wad of gum and calls in on the walkie that they've "secured the model." The girl is clearly frightened by all this, but game. Tarek interviews that he's still worried because their idea is so safe, and that he hopes the other team didn't come up with a more creative idea. Such as a bagel diet, I think is the limit of their creativity right now.

Synergy: Andrea and the graphics person at Post discuss the ad and graphics as Brent stands behind them, just outside the circle of their conversation, and mumbles incessantly, irritating the graphics girl, who keeps smiling at the cameramen like she can't believe he's real. Dude, we know. Brent mutters that he's "curious to see what other images they could use," in this very hushed tone, like maybe Andrea and Tammy won't hear him, like it's just him and the graphics lady and everybody else is a distraction. That faux-collaborative thing Brent does with Trump all the time. Andrea and the woman continue their actual work, and Andrea reminds the woman to save their work before making any changes. "Yeah, save it first," mumbles Brent, as though he's sitting right there, instead of talking to two women who have literally turned their backs on him and are creating a visual unified front to make him go away. For somebody who generally only responds to eye contact, Brent's really not at all sensitive to that whole deal in the ongoing. Michael watches Brent bugging the graphics chick, after the decisions have already been made and they're moving on to new business, about "can I see this, can I see that, what about a giant spoon," and Tammy finally just says that there are "too many cooks in the kitchen," and reiterates that Andrea has been tasked with the graphic design. Which is...true, for good or ill, and that's her call as manager, and Brent's not interested at all, in any way, in what his tasks actually are. Not that they matter, or exist, but it's...this cannot be accidental. Brent cannot be completely unaware of what's going on here. Can he?

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