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Mean Girls

Trump says they liked both books very much, though. But now it's time to find out who won. It was the men. Meat Loaf cries. Trump tells him there's nothing wrong with emotion. Meat Loaf says his charity is Painted Turtle, for chronically ill children. Trump tells him that he's going to get Meat Loaf's book published and that money will also go to Meat Loaf's charity. Meat Loaf tearily thanks Trump. The guys leave, singing their ABC and 123 song. Trump tells the ladies to stay put, because one of them will be fired. In case they hadn't figured out how this works yet. And, really, with this season's fools, anything is possible.

The guys celebrate with champagne in the suite. Meat Loaf says it's obvious that he wears his heart on his sleeve, and this charity means a lot to him. Then they sit back to watch the women fight. Trump tells Lisa he gets the impression she's been holding back, and asks her what's going on. She says the team worked hard, but she was very surprised by the attitudes on the team. Trump asks her if she felt supported by her team, and she says that yes, physically, but not emotionally. Trump asks who didn't support her, and she says Dionne didn't support her and Star supported her in the way she could. Star asks what more she could have done, and Lisa says "Kindness" about five times. Then she says Star did do a tremendous amount of work. She says that Star wrote the book, and Dionne created it. She tells Trump about Star wanting her name on the cover, and Trump asks Star if that's true. Star only sort of admits it, after Dionne says it was her idea to have their names on the book (not how the editing made it look, but whatever). Trump asks why Lisa didn't want the names, what name did she want. She says she wanted Team ASAP, because it was a team effort.

Star stars criticizing her for running around like a chicken with her head cut off, and Lisa admits she was confused and has a lot to learn as project manager. Star laughs, and Lisa tells her that's not fair. Trump asks Star if Lisa did a good job, and Star says not at all. Trump says that Dionne and Star seem to be on the same wavelength. Star says she's shocked the rest of the team isn't. Trump says they just want to be under the radar. Nene jumps in and says she agrees with Star, but wants to point out that Star and Lisa are very different. Nene says that they're all wrong. But she does admit she doesn't think Lisa was a good project manager. Lisa says they gave a great performance today and all felt great afterward. Trump says that Dionne had no doubt that the team won. Eric asks Star if responsibility here doesn't fall on her shoulders since she wrote the book. Trump asks who came up with the theme, and Dionne says she did. Trump says they lost largely because of the theme, so should Dionne get fired? Star says absolutely not, because they batted around ideas for two hours because the project manager wouldn't make a decision. Trump says the judges thought the theme wasn't good for four- and five-year-olds. Star says the team all agreed on the theme.

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