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Mean Girls

Trump notices Niki's shaking her head and asks her opinion. She says she didn't like the theme, and thought it was too mature for the audience. She says that her boys didn't know what shy was when they were that age. Trump asks if Lisa was a good project manager, and Niki says that she had a tough job because of all of the big personalities and leaders. Don says that the task was lost on the book and the theme, which Dionne and Star are taking ownership of, so he'd like to ask the rest of the team if that doesn't change the focus away from Lisa. Instead of the rest of the team responding, Star jumps in and criticizes Lisa some more. Trump asks La Toya who she'd fire, and she says she'd look closely into the project manager. WTF does that mean? Trump says he doesn't have to ask Star or Dionne. He asks Marlee who she'd fire, and she says Dionne. Not because of the theme, but because she's blunt and intimidating. She says that people tell her Dionne's a legend. Trump's like, "People tell you? You don't know that?" Marlee: "Well, I'm deaf." Everyone laughs. She says she knows who she is, but she doesn't know her music. She says she would fire Dionne because of the language that was used and the fact that she felt demeaned in front of everyone. Trump asks Lisa to pick two people to bring back to the boardroom. Lisa chooses Star and Dionne. But, wait, I wanted to know who Niki and Hope would fire. I guess we'll never know.

Lil Jon's excited for the heavyweight fight coming up! Except Trump tells them to turn their TV off. Lil Jon's like, "No. Bullshit." Hatch almost does a spit-take. While the women are in the lobby, Trump asks Eric what he thinks. He says Lisa's going to be in for a rude awakening. Trump says Lisa's got to get tougher. Don agrees, but he says the other two took ownership of a component that they lost on, so it's still three-way. I usually hate Trump's favoritism for the ladies he thinks are hot, but in this case, I might like that he's loving how Lisa looks. Because someone needs to split up the clique of Dionne and Star or every week is going to be like this. Trump tells Amanda to send the ladies back in.

In the boardroom, Trump tells Lisa he's not seeing much fight from her as the project manager. He asks why, and she says she's a fighter, but she will only fight to a point. "I won't fight dirty. I won't fight real dirty." He asks if they're fighting dirty, and she says she's never come across this kind of negative energy in her life. She says this is pretty intense, and Trump asks if it's tougher than she thought. She says it's tough. Trump asks if Dionne's surprised she's not fighting harder, and would she be fighting harder if she were project manager. She says she'd take her stand, and she doesn't know why Lisa, who's always been feisty, is crumbling now. Lisa says she's not crumbling, but they all thought they'd won. Trump says that then they lost and are now in a different mode. Trump says that winning is easy, but you have to pick up the chips when you lose, which she hasn't done. Lisa says she did everything she possibly could in this task, and she owns that. She says she was not the best project manager, but she is a fighter.

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