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Mean Girls

Don asks Star if she'd ever say what Lisa's saying, even if it were true. Star says this show is both a charitable endeavor and a business show. She says they're supposed to come to the table with their skill-set in place, and this isn't the kind of show that Lisa should be learning on. Lisa says that's a tough statement and completely judgmental. Dude, seriously, Lisa, why not fight? What is there to lose? She tells Star that she doesn't know her, and that she begged her to be project manager so they could throw her under the bus. She says that she's a threat to her even though she doesn't think she was very strong. Star mocks: "You're a threat to me even though you relied completely on me?" Lisa asks if she wasn't smart to use her in that way, but Star says no, she was scared. She says Lisa led in fear rather than in a position of knowledge. Lisa says they all begged her to take this on, and she did the best she could. Trump tells Lisa she didn't have to take the position on, and Lisa says she felt the pressure and crumbled. Trump says that Lisa shouldn't be admitting things like that to him, as a judge, and she says she's too honest sometimes. He tells her that Star's playing her like a child, and Dionne is too. Star jumps in and says that Lisa's not fighting because she knows Star and Dionne are telling the truth. Trump asks Lisa who she'd fire: Star or Dionne. Lisa says Dionne, because she's not a team player; she's here for herself. Trump and Don tell Lisa she needed to say for the theme, or Star for the book. Don tells her it's so obvious to say that in her position. Which is true. Trump says he and Don are both giving her points, because they like her and respect her, but she's really having a hard time. She clearly wants to go home. And Trump's happy to oblige, so he fires her. She leaves without saying goodbye to the other women. Trump tells the Trumplets he felt fine about it, and the Trumplets agree she had no fight.

Taxicab confession: Lisa says it was an honor to work for Trump and be around him. She says she loved it, and put herself in a position and place she wouldn't normally put herself in. She finishes with "Do I think Donald made the right decision? No! Are you fucking kidding me?" Okay, so why not fight? I think she's actually just too nice.

Next week: Busey's the project manager and it's a giant mess. Duh.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, is disappointed in herself for being disappointed that Lisa was fired. You can contact her at

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