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Mean Girls

ASAP. The women are brainstorming what the lion's problem will be, and Hope (who?!) says, "Maybe the lion cannot roar." Lisa: "Yes!" La Toya likes it, too, because she was quiet and didn't talk on her first day of school. Star suggests the title, Why Can't I Roar? which causes Lisa to jump up and down shrieking that she loves it and she has chills. Star and Nene look at each other knowingly; they clearly hate Lisa. Dionne doesn't think that's the point of the book, though, and neither does Marlee. However, Dionne can't get her point across because that bitch Marlee won't stop talking. No, really. That's how a couple people -- Star! -- act. AS IF MARLEE CAN HEAR DIONNE. Dionne thinks the lion should go to every other animal and ask them to help her roar. No one likes it, but Nene articulates later that they can't disagree with a seventy-year-old, so Dionne might just be here until the end by default. Lisa suggests another animal, who is deaf, can teach the lion sign language, but Dionne says that's just sad. Lisa asks her if she thinks Marlee's sad. Dionne doesn't, but she says kids won't understand that. They all ask her why not. Dionne tells us she had to speak up because she didn't think four- and five-year-old children would like that type of story; they'd leave sad, feeling sorry for her.

Marlee says, through Jack, that she never took pity. Dionne tells Jack he may not have, and he's like, "No, I'm talking for Marlee." Dionne says she may not have, but... Jack keeps going, telling her that you shouldn't feel sorry for someone who's deaf, but accept them for who they are. Nene tells us later that Marlee was ready to attack. And, can you blame her? Dionne says that ninety percent of the kids won't even know there's a deaf person there, and Marlee says, "We teach them." Then Marlee interviews later that "Dionne put up a very clear barrier, right in front of my face." She says that attitude made her feel handicapped, which she doesn't accept. "What she said was completely ignorant." Who would have thought Dionne Warwick would be the ignorant bigot on this show? (On another note, it's pretty interesting that two popular reality shows -- this and The Amazing Race -- airing right now have major deaf contestants).

At Backbone, Meat Loaf's directing their illustrator about what Lil Jon should look like. The illustrator listens, then just sits and looks at the real Lil Jon. Lil Jon thinks it's amazing, because the character looks just like his son. At ASAP, Lisa's trying to get the team to decide whether they want La Toya the Lion, or a character who's deaf. Marlee says she's a happy-go-lucky lion, who just happens to not be able to hear. Lisa explains that Marlee's and Dionne's concepts were basically the same except Marlee's uses her deafness. Dionne -- who's been sitting right next to Marlee all this time, by the way -- looks seriously irritated. Star tells Lisa she needs to decide what she wants, and needs to be more organized. Lisa reminds them they all told her she could do this, and that she needs more help from them. Nene explains that Star took over Lisa, who was already nervous about being the project manager. Cut back to Star ridiculing Lisa until Lisa lets her decide, which means they're going with Dionne's concept. Now Marlee's the one looking irritated. Marlee interviews that after hours of brainstorming they have a story about a nervous lion. She says she has eight or ten books at home like that -- but at least she bought them, right? -- so if they're going to tell that story, it better be good. (Like this.)

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