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Mean Girls

Jose and Busey are in charge of costumes and props for Backbone. Meat Loaf gives Jose an address to deliver the props to, and then Jose's phone dies, which he tells Busey is "perfect timing." Jose and Busey can't find the address, so he tries to call Jose back, but it's going straight to voicemail, of course. Meat Loaf interviews that, if we want his opinion, he thinks he's doing horrible. Jose and Busey wait about forty minutes to drop off the props, but no one came down. Meat Loaf finally calls Gary's phone and tells them he sent them to the wrong place, so he sends them to a new place. But then he calls Meat Loaf's contact, who says that they are now at the wrong address and were at the right one before. Jose's about to HULK out, yo. Meat Loaf better watch it or he'll be back in Fight Club. Jose screams at the lady on the phone then tries to call Meat Loaf, who doesn't answer his phone. Suspense!

Back in the war room, Hatch is typist (I think?) as the Jo(h)ns and Mark write the book. Mark and John seem to have become besties, all high-fiving and calling each other "J.R." when they write their glorious rhymes. Eric shows up, and Meat Loaf says that if he wants to know how they are, Meat Loaf might as well be bald from pulling his hair out. Eric says he likes the energy, though, if nothing else. Meat Loaf says he felt like he really didn't have time for Eric, who's asking Busey and Jose a bunch of questions. Meat Loaf cuts in and tells Busey to go to the costume shop. Eric says it was interesting to see that Meat Loaf and Busey were already at each other's throats, given that they're only two weeks into the competition. Busey is totally confused, and later says he's pissed off that Meat Loaf interrupted his conversation with Eric and sent him away. Eric says time will ultimately tell for the men, but it seems like they're going to have serious problems.

ASAP. Star reads the book out loud to the group: "Today was going to be a special day. Today was the day La Toya was going to have to roar in front of the entire class. La Toya was nervous. She was the shy and quiet one. 'What if I can't roar,' La Toya said." Niki stops Star and says she knows she's going to kill her, but a four- or five-year-old doesn't know what "shy" is. Dionne disagrees with Niki, who also thinks kids that age don't know what "good advice" is. Well, judging by this show, neither does anyone on ASAP, but it's not age-related. Everyone disagrees with Niki and lets it stay as is. Lisa says the written portion of the book was done, so she left the written portion of the book with Nene and Star and the graphic designer and illustrator. Lisa and the rest of the group were going to the performance space to rehearse. Star says she would not, in Lisa's shoes, have left someone else in charge of writing, illustrating, coloring, and picking the font of the entire project.

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