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Mean Girls

Most of Backbone is at the costume shop to pick up costumes. Everyone's starting to try stuff on, and Mark McGrath of all people realizes they need to focus. He says you have to be the bad guy to make Busey focus, so he was the bad guy at the costume shop. The costumes: Hatch is a little girl. Mark, Busey, and John are little boys. Jose is a fifty-foot woman. Jose: "I feel bad for you women with those high heels, 'cause those things hurt." They finish up and leave. Most of ASAP arrives at the rehearsal hall. They put Dionne with the keyboard player and then start running through the characters. Dionne starts singing, "Can she do it?" Lisa's rehearsing, and Dionne's like, "Okay, Lisa, move on." Lisa interviews later that she's a huge fan of Dionne Warwick, but not a huge fan of how she plays this game, since she's not a team player. Lisa finds it unacceptable how she treats people.

As they're finishing their presentation, Don shows up and asks whose concept was most utilized. Dionne: "Mine. So, it is mine." Don interviews that the concept was the lion that lost its roar, which is strikingly similar to The Wizard of Oz considering one of the three criteria he gave them was originality. Come on, Don; do you really think these ladies know what that word means? It's more than two syllables. Lisa tells Don she feels good about it, and he wishes her luck. Then they call Star and ask her to send the cover to the printer, but Star says Lisa needs to get back there and approve it first. Lisa asks if Star feels confident approving it, but Star says, "No, sweetie, this is your task. I've done about as much as you can expect me to do it in terms of taking responsibility. This is your task. Now, come on." Wow, she could not be any more condescending. Lisa says it's interesting to have someone like Star who's telling you what to do but is unwilling to take responsibility. Lisa: "Don't confuse me." (But it's so easy.) "Don't make it crazy." (Also easy.) "Just own what you say you're going to do." (Less easy.) Star shit-talks with Nene after she gets off the phone; she thinks Lisa was setting her up to be responsible in case they fail. Nene, ever eloquent: "True that."

Lisa and company arrive back at ASAP's war room. Lisa loves the book, which is a pretty simple, brightly colored book with cute lion pictures. The illustrator wants to know whose name to put on the cover, and everyone says "Team ASAP," except Star, who wants it to say, "Written by Star Jones and Team ASAP." Lisa doesn't feel right about that, since the whole team was part of this. Dionne wants her name on the cover, too: "Conceived by Dionne Warwick, and written by Star Jones." Marlee thinks this is totally insane; she says she's never seen anything like this kind of attitude.

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