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Mean Girls

Backbone arrives at the rehearsal space with only twenty minutes left before they have to move the props out -- and two guys are still back working on the book. Meat Loaf narrates, and the guys act out his concept. The problem is that Jose was put into the role of teacher, based on his size, and it's the most pivotal role with the most lines. Jose realizes if he messes it up or misses a rhyme or a beat, the play's over.

At ASAP, Lisa shows them all the cover, which is ready to go to the printer, and Dionne's pissed that her name isn't on it. Lisa says they're a team and she will give Dionne and Star credit, but not on the cover since they all came up with this. Dionne: "No, you didn't. No, you did not." Dionne asks for credit where credit is due. La Toya starts crying and asks Star and Dionne why they can't go on the first page inside. Star tells her to suck it up; this is business. "We're not twelve." Lisa somehow shows a little wisdom by saying, "This is for kids, four to five. Why are you all being like this?" Star says they're waiting for Lisa's instruction, and Lisa says she wants it to say Team ASAP. Star: "That's what it says." Lisa: "So accept it." Hope says she was really proud of Lisa for standing up for the team because one person didn't come up with the book. She reminds us that she, in fact, came up with the lion not being able to roar, but that doesn't mean she came up with the book. Lisa says she expects everyone to behave and not to go to this place. Dionne cuts in: "Don't take me there. Don't you dare take me there. I'm not two years old." Lisa screams that she knows that. Dionne tells her not to dare tell her to behave. Lisa tells her not to psycho-babble her and turn this around, and not to be like this. Then she interviews that they're going to throw her under the bus after they begged her to do this, which she says is exactly what's going to happen, they can bring it on. But she says she will not be taken down by a bunch of bitches. No way. Man, I am totally loving Lisa for not being intimidated by Star and Dionne being crazy bossy. Someone asks what's next, and Lisa says they're done. Star looks at her like she's an idiot.

The next day, they show up to get ready for their presentation. Lisa says that, despite all the conflict, she knows they have a really great book so she just wants to get the team excited to go out there and give a really great performance. She stands up in the dressing room and tells them they can win, so to please not let any pettiness get in the way. Star: "Ladies and gentlemen, Emmy-nominated actress Lisa Rinna." Dionne cackles. Lisa says that's not nice, and Star says it was accurate, though. They're professionals, and they'll get it done. Star interviews she was a little shocked Lisa felt like she needed to give an inspirational speech to this team. She mocks her behind her back and then calls Lisa condescending. Hi, Pot? Meet the Kettle. Jesus. Dionne also starts in at Lisa, who says she feels like no matter what she does, these women are out to get her.

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