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Mean Girls

At Backbone, they're all getting into their fun costumes. Hatch and Jose are dressed as women, and the three "boys" are in overalls and striped shirts. Busey: "I play a kid that likes to study in trees. He likes to think he's a flying squirrel. He gets up in the trees, jumps from limb to limb. He's fallen a few times, has some bumps and batters. That's me. What the hell am I talking about? I'm playing me." Busey Wisdom. Love it. (Also, how is it possible that this team is the less crazy one on this show?) Parents and little kids start showing up for the presentation. Don comes in with a little girl, who must be a little tiny Trump. Holly Robinson Peete and Margery Cuyler show up to judge the teams.

The women go first. Lisa and Marlee come out and Lisa sweetly introduces Marlee and they teach the kids a little bit of sign language. Lisa narrates the presentation, and the kids really do look engrossed. Marlee interviews later that she could see on the kids' faces how much they loved it. The kids all laugh at Star as a dog, Nene as a chicken, and the rest of the sketch. Then, in the end, Dionne comes out for her little "Can she do it?" song, and La Toya roars. Lisa says that it all came together in the end, and that's how creativity works. "Star is a micromanager, but you can't micromanage creativity, baby." They did manage to overcome some pretty ugly obstacles to make that look halfway decent. Still, originality? Not so much.

Backbone's turn. Meat Loaf comes out and introduces himself as "Meat Loaf," which makes all the kids laugh. Because it's a funny name. Then the students come out: Busey, John, Mark, Hatch. Lil Jon comes in, all afraid as the new kid. They do some funny stuff, like make fun of Lil Jon for not being able to count to three while holding up four fingers. Which, of course, the kids won't get, but maybe the judges will like it. Mark says he could see Margery smiling so he knew they were nailing it. Jose's waiting backstage, telling himself to get the lines right. He comes in and, despite some hesitation, he seems to actually get the lines right. The kids are loving it, and so are Holly and Margery. Lil Jon puts on a gold chain and gets up and raps and dances: "I know my ABCs and my 1-2-3s, and gets the kids to sing along." Meat Loaf gets all teary as he talks about how great his team did, and how proud he is of them. They really did do a great job. I'm not sure which book was better, but they certainly had the better presentation. Now I'll just be heartbroken if Lisa, the only one willing to stand up to the cliquey women, is sent home.

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